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    Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

    Mumbai Calling

    Saturday I had gone to my cousins, later we went for dinner in Copper Chimney, Bandra. After Saturday I've decided two things,
    If u have to live in b'bay u need to have ur own mode transportation (am making up my mind on a bike).
    U have to live in the city / the suburbs adjacent to the city to enjoy Mumbai, once I get out of the company accommodation, and if I’m still in Mumabi, I’m in the mood of making sure that both are taken care of.
    Let me xplain a bit,
    Why the City? -> After dining and wining in a hep restaurant, we went to the hepper bandstand (Bandra), where the heppest possible crowd awaited us (some providing an almost unrestricted view of the charms they had to offer). Apparently all their shram haya were on a leave and I was definitely not complaining, I had fun just being there for a couple of hours, njoying the view (sea view strictly). The best part is even at 1 30 in the night u see people around you. Even grls walking down in groups or sometimes alone even that late is not an uncommon site, there is no safety issue at all, no where is India you can get this freedom. Borivali is just like another big town or small cities, U have the pizza huts and the McD's, but the nite life here is not what Mumbai is known for.
    Why ur own transportation? -> Well agreed that every place in Mumbai is very well connected by the local trains and the buses and u always have the option of the auto or taxi, but while roaming abt in the lanes of Bandra, I realised that there is so much to explore that if u want to know Mumbai, taking the buses which ply on a fixed route or the auto occasionally is not enough. They are sufficient for you to take you to ur destination, but that does not usually satisfy me. For me its equally important to know every nook and corner of the city I live in, at least all that is possible of it. Cars don’t make sense yet, scooters are a no no, so u come down to owning a bike.
    Points taken?

    abe aajkal ..kya baat bahut likh raha hai??

    abe sahi kaha ..lekin mein to bandiya dekhle aur frust ho jaata hoon ..
    vaise ek baat to hai ..sahar aur locations sabhee achchhi hoti hai ..bus zaroorat hoti hai saath ki ....

    aur haan us tag pe comment karne ke liye time chahiye..

    Bombay is a fascinating city. I'd also suggest walking the streets to really really discover it. Otherwise you miss the little tea shops, wall-art, the famed footpaths where many-a-apsiring-star spent the first few nights before Bombay accepted her/him. Have fun! Also, good luck for CAT!

    for the start u can do one thing.. take a car.. give it to me for some time.. and then when u shift i'll return it to u !!

    @ verma ji
    Saale frust to apni puri R..... community hoti hai, lakin momentary khushi bhi to milti hai. khair its not only that
    yaar sahi main, mumbai has much more to offer than just the babes, and to njoy those, u need to live in mumbai and borivali is practically out of the town, (CST se thane is closer than borivali)

    nothing compares to waht all u can xplore on foot

    @ monks
    Sharam nahi aati mere se car khareedne ko bol raha hai... saale itna kama raha hai, u can afford a car in half the time of what i can hope for.

    Dude...Lemme make a proposal...let's be roomies for the next year (if)...plzz...

    bike ..well mumbai does need one ..;)

    @ sarang
    Abe abhi bahut time hai usmein, lets c, tu itna despo kyu ho raha hai
    @ luke
    well obviously, besdides the aforementioned, there are other associated benefits as well ;)

    Cars can accomodate more people... but bikes have their own charm!! And if its an Enfield or a Harley Davidson....woohoo!! ;)

    well rgt now i've to look just after me and only hope that i get a pillion (other than the buggers i call frnds).
    Car is for family + car has the disadvantage of u being confined in an enclosure so teh exploration part is automatically reduced + u'll strugle to death in traffic

    abe arnav pillion ko soch salajh ke gaali de sale ..mujhe bugger bolta hai....

    saale sabse jyada to tujhe hi ghumaya hai, jitna tu mere bike par ghuma hai utna agar kissi bandi ko ghuma leta to jeevan safal ho jaata ;) BUGGER (aur yeh to public forum hai iss liye Dhongde jindabad, nahi to dil se jo awaz nikalti hai uske liye previous blog, mein most things i say ka 1-5 ko refer kar le)

    saale...bike ke vajah se...obviously...tu ghumega to main bhi ghoomoonga...he he he...what say?

    aap katar main hain, kripya intezaar karen.
    u r in queue, please await ur chance

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