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    Friday, September 30, 2005 

    The theory of relativity:

    Inspired by Chhaavis thoughts and buddhas empty spaces:

    "Relativity is an absolute concept" well no bigshot scientist said this, nor did any hifi philosopher, but this is wat I feel. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Grey cells activated? This is not abt science where an "Absolute zero" absolutely exists; Welcome to the real world this is abt life.

    Ever wondered how the underprivileged of the society seem to manage a smile more often than the apparently happy well to do people? Take dipu for instance (for those who don’t know dipu, he’s the nephew of Mishraji, Patel Hall cycle shed’s karta dharta.) u’ll always find him happy in his own world, dwelling in the happiness of small things which we think is too insignificant to demand worthy care. While we frown over, complaining abt the inadequacies of our life, his life seems to be complete enough to give him enough reasons to smile. So do we have a right to complain? Maybe NO, maybe yes, after all its all relative.

    Let me expalin furter, a few days ago I saw a kid, shabbily dressed, unkept hair, a thick layer of makeup (dirt) all over his body running carefree towards an elder (I think it was his brother) and both gleaming with happiness, I don’t know anything abt them, wat the occasion was or any other apparent reason, but after a bad day in office when I saw them I started wondering if they look so happy, do I have the right to feel miserable? Maybe NO, maybe yes, after all its all relative.

    There was an article today in HT, abt a blind cook, we are blessed wen compared to him, we take things for granted, those which others might value more than their life, we tend to ignore think of them as bare essentials. Frnds, family, well paying job, we have all yet we fret. We irk coz we have to work over time, we are troubled coz it takes 1.5 – 2 hrs to reach home, we agonize coz the food was not gud, Wat abt them who want but don’t have jobs? Wat abt them who donot have a home to reach to, wat abt them who cannot have 2 square meals a day? So do I have a right to be piqued? Maybe NO, maybe yes, after all its all relative.

    I can think of scores of other issues, hundreds of other comparisons, thousands of other situations, but nothing strikes to me as absolute, light – dark, near – far, hot – cold, emotions, love, beauty, comfort, greed, competition, performance. I recieved a nice fwd a few days ago, "Not Everything that counts is counted and not everything thats counted counts", but alas our world revolves around the counted and therefore we fret, we fume, we are annoyed, antagonized, bitter… is it rightful? Maybe No, maybe yes, after all its all relative.

    nice piece boss....

    very true

    Great post!

    cheating wife.

    well u tend to lose out on happiness taht ...can be achieved unconditionally

    man...that was some serious shit u did in there...u mother phucker...cudn't call us up for ur b'day? not even your bhatija (i'm not good at remembering relations do fucking correct me if I'm wrong)...you are gonna pay for this...yoou are gonna take us to some pub...when?...it's for you to decide.

    arnav ...good work
    you are turning into a head turning writer ..
    BTW happy birth day ;-)
    abe sab ko treat de dena be...

    dude...do chek your roots on the "relativity is absolute" statement...
    The complete Ayn Rand's philosophy is based on this funda.

    @ sarang
    who cares, i'm not here to give facts, i'm here to write wat i feel, and i did just that

    @ luke
    thats my point

    @ deepak
    saale kyu pitwane par laga hua hai, tujhe kabhi 1 oct ki tr8 mili kya? dusre ko kaisse mil sakti hai... BTW thanx for the appreciation, but is it MAC at work?

    abe itna chhota vakya MAC nahin ho sakta ...so ti truly what i feel ... it beyond MAC

    seriously amazing :)

    and thanks... i am overwhelmed

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