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    Tuesday, September 06, 2005 

    Mera number aayega

    They say change is the only constant. No sir not for me, maybe in most of the cases its true but just read on and then tell me, where is the change???

    Scene 1, I was in school, class 7th. As soon as I stopped looking at grls as if they were abhorrent objects of disgust, I fell for one. The grl was very intimidating & I could never muster enough courage to approach her, thou I gave hints, some subtle some obvious but could never confront her. I daresay she smelled something fishy (she being a bong, that’s not a far-fetched guess) but nothing came out of it. A few years on I came to know (from very vishwasniya sutr) that it was not a totally gone case, there could have been some mutual sparks, but she’s too much of a women for me to handle anyway.

    Next stop, 2 years down the line. I hardly knew this grl, xcept that she was a very gud frnd, of the grl frnd, of a very gud frnd of mine (it was more complicated than it sounds). What all u can do with a little bit of daring and motivation from those bastards, we call frnds, I gathered courage and with full gusto, approached her, on a chauffeur driven bicycle, ready with a mode of quick escape in case of any tragic eventuality. Fortunately the reply wasn’t an efficient and probably appropriate use of her sandle. I had struck gold this time, but for what? We hardly knew each other b4 this rendezvous, and after exchanging a couple of "love letters" we knew we were heading no where, so very amicably we parted our ways.

    "Dil to pagal hai dil deewana hai" next scene 2 years later (even thou there was a minor incident, where I started to feel for a girl, unfortunately (or fortunately?) she had brotherly feelings for me, so that crashed before it could take off). I was in class 11 now, but the lack of opportunity (and courage) forced me to wait for an entire year before I could come up with a masterpiece of a letter. Usse padh kar ladkon tak ka dil phisal gaya, my grl (who were) frnds, all agreed that it was the best, unfortunately my best wasn’t enough. No change in luck yet.

    Having watched lots of hindi/english movies and serials, I was very happy to be going to college, all the while thinking "ab to mera bhi number aayega". New people, new places, new frnds and new faces (wow it rhymes) something ought to happen, just a little luck and the stag tag would be out in the bin. In addition to the many new things I pointed earlier there was something else that was entirely new to me. Welcome to kgp, welcome to the land of the infamous non-males (I’m sure kgp grls no longer mind being called this, ab tak to adat ho gayi hogi). Not that there was no representation of the female species at all, but Lt (females) --> 0. Still a fighter has got to fight it out. I had a minor fling with a M Tech student, which I better not talk about, there were also lots of others who I thought were worth attention, but most of them got that attention from someone else before u could even blink your eyes.

    Finally the last stop has been Mumbai, the land of opportunities, but how, where, when?? Not a single grl in my office, so chances are that I will have to fight it out real hard, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Out of box thinking is essential I guess, and I have put on my thinking caps. My frnds, very soon u’ll see results, how long can one be with "lots of grl frnds, still single" (can’t help but foster such foolish optimism, or else what’s the fun in life?). Mera number aayega I’m sure mera number aayega, after all change is the only constant, is it not?

    arey yaar u shud have kept that letter ....would have been a pleasure reading it...and koi nahi...number to aayega ....bas khojne ki deri hai...

    in fact i had kept the letter, safe in the computer back home. zipped with a password and the font changed to windlings so that even if by chance some one does open it, at least in the 1st look it wouldve appeared crap.
    alas when after ages i tried to open the letter, the fonts had been permanently distorted, i tried all the bloody tricks i knew but when nothing came out of it i had to delete it

    " nar ho naa nirash karo mann ko "
    aayega be aayega ....ab to aa hi jaayega

    buddhe yeh awaz kewal meri nahi hai, yeh hum sabki hai, aur insha allah kamyabi hamare kadam chumegi :-)

    amen !!!

    abe yaar arnav .. realize the truth be..
    "nari narak ka dwar hai"..

    "jitna bhaagoge utna bhagayegi
    ruk jaaoge to pat jaayegi"..

    aur kuch ka pata nahi.. bus..
    "harbar me gadbad mat kar dena"

    aur tu kya writer ban gaya hai be bidu.. sach kehta hun tu abhi ek love letter likh and this one will beat the hell out of that lost love letter..

    aur waise, agar possible ho to apne saath saath hume bhi number me laga lena... kya kare yahan kgp me rehte rehte line ke beech me ghus ke lene ki aadat pad gayi..

    yaar sandy rath, if u are reading this, remember the sort of love letter i had composed for prb in my 3rd yr and was tearing it up on the chandipur beach when u had stopped me...i still have it in my wallet...feels kinda funny when i read it now!!! :)
    ~old flames rock!!!

    @suvro ...(abe arnav sorry for using your blog as DFE chat protal but) ...suvro chandipur ..??? yeh secrets kab khatam honge yaar ...main kisi aur Dfe mein rehta thaa ...yaa baaki log bhee itne hi anjan hai ...vasie UDDU/survo can you enlighten us with details.....

    koi nahi verma ji, waise bhi dfe walon ko chor kar aur kissi ko comment to karna nahi hota hai.
    BTW mujhe to chandipur ke baare main bahut hi kam pata hai,bus chota mota idhar udhar se jo sun leta tha, iss liye no surprises for me here

    maamu tu to frustoo nikla!

    abe its not abt my frustness, but that of all around me

    principle of mental induction eh?

    frustness spreads like forest fire, so i guess u r quite rgt.BTW, naam to likh do yaar neeche, pata to chale likha kissne hai

    Tujhe maamu kitne log bulaate hai?

    Abhishek here.

    saale 2nd wala kissi ka bhi ho sakta tha, mujhe kya pata ki tune hi continue kiya tha, aur jab blog karta hai to blogger id se post kar na comment, koi fight hi nahi hoga

    actually, the frustoo wala comment was posted by Chandra...the second one was mine...confounding possibilities.

    abe busy hai kya ...bade din huye koi post nahin sale roz check kar raha hoon jaldi likh...

    if you believe in the law of averages, you sure have a lots of babes in store for you :)

    :) liked your humorous account ..ye KGP ke ander ka maamla hai :)

    hey suvro dude read this now...my comp had been acting up for the past few days...so no blogs read...
    but ya i do remember...boy was it a setting or what! ...dark night, strong sea breeze and you holding that fluttering letter in your hand and me trying to talk you out of tearing it up....
    if i ever make a movie this scene will be there.....

    Woww.. that was good.. u did not mention Mumbai singles community here? ;-) As ur trial to gain success..hehehe,. Good wirtings though.. wud read the rest later..

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