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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005 

    Kal Chakra

    Changing form one phase of the life to the other is always a big step. At every such step we take we leave behind people, free ourselves of old ties, meet and make new friends and form new bonds. Both such major steps in my life is linked with Kharagpur, 1st when I came to Kgp and next when I stepped out of it.

    After JEE mains I was confident of a decent rank and had set straight my priorities

    • Get into IIT Powai
    • Never study again
    • A grl frnd
    • Have a blast

    Along with the monsoon that year came the JEE results and dampened my spirits, the result that year of entire Ranchi region was unsatisfactory, sure shot candidates had not made it, I had just managed to scrape thru, all my dreams looked shattered when I set foot for Kgp. When I was leaving Ranchi I had a tear in my eye, thou it was because of the realisation, that I was moving out of Ranchi for good, but it could also be because there was not much in Kharagpur that beckoned me, my thoughts were some what on the lines of

    • Powai- no more
    • Studies – (the whole point of going to Kgp was getting a Dep C, couldn’t not study at all)
    • Grl frnd- no Mumbai, no city, no babes, no grl frnds
    • Have a blast – in Kgp? U must be kidding

    But life is not as cruel as it seems, "Bhagwan ke ghar dair hai andhair nahi", one by one things started happening

    • Studies – I became less serious after the 1st sem, but it was only after the 1st year and a dept change did I give it up completely.
    • Grl frnd – well could never really manage to get one, but wait till u hear what my frnds have to say for me LOTS OF GRLS FRNDS, still single, so it cant be that bad after all
    • Blast in Kgp, - why not? Infact I sometimes wonder if I had taken any branch in some other IIT just to get rid of Kgp, could life be better than it was? Whatever anyone might have to say, but I’m sure what Kgp offers to you is completely unique, if u learn to make the most of it, campus life can never be better than what u live in Kgp.
    • Finally as I took my 2nd major step, I landed in Mumbai, and as fate would have it (my belief in it strengthens the more I think about it) I got a job in Powai itself.

    Only if I can improve upon the grl frnd part, everything that I had envisioned then would be fulfilled, but now that all of the above has become true, life has moved on and my priorities have changed. I hope that some time in the near future I would be able to talk of them as I talk abt these now.

    Is the girlfriend part that important in the present scheme of things? Or do we stress it too much just coz of peer pressure? Sometimes i wonder whether how happier i wud be if i had a gf and i receive non-commital answers from within...just makes u think sometimes...how much do we know ourselves?

    well Destiny at play again, believe me she has a masto sense of humour.
    and to what suvro says has pretty much truth in it....a lot of it is indeed peer pressure but then what isn't? a cool job? a sexy car? trendy clothes?
    isn't 'girlfriend' another in that list? then again, i and suvro might be all wrong, guess we'll never know...

    i guess i've learnt how to live without a grl frnd, and i guess i've learnt it well, infact the priorities that i now have i mind figure them at the bottom most, but i guess having one wont hurt me, xcept my wallet maybe ;)

    ha ha ya at some point of time, u start thinking that what type of aim "having a gf" really is compared to our other priorities/ambitions et al...quite superficial really in some sense...but actually, what we are doing is (for those who have some knowledge of basic psychology) we are substituting a lower order need (sex,basically) for a higher order one i.e. self actualization.

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