• Thursday, December 29, 2005 

    Working hard... PARTYING HARDER Part-II

    Wednesday obviously comes next in line, and we were all set for "Not Just JAZZ by the Bay" unfortunately one of the guys fell ill and we had to drop the plan, we went to see apaharan instead, it was a mast movie, serious but fun.
    Remainder of the week remained surprisingly calm, there was a plan for harry potter and the chamber of secret on Sunday but after going all the way to the multiplex I found that it was housefull, 4 weeks since its release and still running house full? How was I to believe that this is possible, on the same day another party got cancelled, one of my hostel’s senior, was in town and we had decided to have some fun, unfortunately he got busy and so the entire day was screwed up. I almost forgot to add that we had seen neal and nikki on Saturday ( I guess it was not worth remembering any way)
    An entire week had gone by without anything much xcept movies and failed plans, I don’t remember correctly if it was Monday or Tuesday that I set out for my next outing. This time the destination was vashi (navi mumbai). It took us almost 2 & a ½ hr to reach there, almost the same time I was required to travel to go to Calcutta from Kgp, or from Ranchi to Jamshedpur, but I guess in bombay this things are not unheard of. Another senior’s treat this time, the place was called Creek (the bar of a certain Hotel Abbot), it was another night of fun.
    Thursday we went for bluffmaster, me and my flatmate, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and then it was destination pizza hut, Friday after a tr8 at pizza hut in the evening, I had another one at Urvashi ( a nice bar cum restaurant in borivali) I was almost entirely full so could not eat much, but there liquids do not occupy much space and there is always space for some in ur stomach, so I drank instead.
    Finally on Saturday (Christmas eve) we managed to get the tickets for harry potter and my long due promise to my cousin was finally fulfilled. Evening was spent in the lanes and bylanes of bandra followed by a lil time in totos, but the best part was yet to come, I stayed over at my frnds place (Company’s accommodation) in bandra, now let me tell u a lil abt this place, in that apartment all the floors had just one flat, 4 bedroom flat, with a hall that was big enough to play football. BTW did I tell that Kareena Kapoor (yeah the film actress), lives in the top floor of the same apartment, we ate and drank in the company of his 2 flatmates, which included one of the most beautiful creature, that I’ve ever seen in flesh and blood.
    Sunday (Christmas) both of us went to bandstand (walking distance from his place, many film stars including shahrukh khan live in bandstand), this place is sort of a lovers paradise, u’ll see pairs all around, some of them doing things not worthy of public description. The connoisseur of natural beauty that we are, we had gone there to simply to enjoy the aesthetics of nature, which we ofcourse did, Sunday ended for me with a mast dinner at my bua’s place.

    Part 3 amongst others will be abt the experiences of mood-indigo (moodi-i, the IIT bombay fest), the new year bash, the office party on the 1st and our units party on the 7th.

    Friday, December 23, 2005 

    Working hard... PARTYING HARDER - PART 1

    For the last one month or so the amount of work that I’ve been doing would over weigh the cumulative effort of my 5 months before that easily, but 4m wat I’ve learnt in the last few months I’ve stopped complaining.
    My biggest blunder in these last few weeks was on the 21st of Nov. 2k5, it wasn’t as if I screwed up with work, but worst than that, I missed an "order wat u want free of cost" invitation to the Hyatt. That was one of two days in the next 20 odd days that I had left office on time, the sudden offer came after office hours on that day, but since then I’ve more than just made up for dat loss.
    It started on a mundane Tuesday ( 6th Dec), after slogging it out in the office till 7 30 (usual chutti time is 5 10) I came out and smsed one of my colleague (FOSLA case) abt his beloved standing rgt behind me in the bus queue. Fortunately he was @ Aura in Hiranandani with 2 other guys from my unit, and in a few minutes I was there too. We let the aura surround us completely (with after effects visible the following day as well). With a special Karaoke night dat day it was even more special than the usual two hot Romanian babes sizzling the stage and the extremly good crowd of THE Hiranandani. The best part of the show was the grls singing on our request a couple of hindi songs in their thick accented voice.
    After a days rest I was out again on Thursday, this time I was heading towards Colaba, the heart of the city, finally after catching up with the guys who were already waiting for me, we landed up in Café Mondegar, the place was infested with firangis, (the Indians there were even better) we somehow managed to get a small table for 4. It was a day of 1sts for me, 1st time in Café Mondegar, followed by 1st time in Bade miyans (the famous Kebab shop where u’ll may find a person coming out of a limousine and an autoriksha wala both enjoying themselves). This was followed by my 1st evening walk @ the famous marine drive and then the 1st time at the heppest Mochas of them all, the one near Churchgate station.
    Again after a days break Saturday saw me in MIG club (near Sachin’s place, where he still plays cricket sometimes, atleast that’s wat I’ve heard). This time the occasion was Pan IIT meet, I was fashionably late and thank god for that, for those who had come on time had to relieve the painful memories of the boring lectures for almost 2 hours. It was a cocktail and dinner party and a total paissa wasool (many times over, for me)
    A set pattern was emerging in my life, u must’ve guessed one day off and then Monday I was back to the partying ways, this time thou it was not someplace new, but the tried and trusted (over and over again) totos (ab to wahan ke waiters bhi mujhe pehchanne lage hain). It was the ususal there, gr8 music and gr8 babes.

    P.S - for the uninitiated, FOSLA is Frustrated one sided lovers associtation

    Friday, December 02, 2005 

    Koi lauta de who…

    I had promised mirage ( i dont know if she remembers), I’ll write on a topic similar to one of her posts
    Everyone realises this sooner or later and thinks abt it more than once. Childhood is always the most cherished of the entire life cycle. Obviously u don’t realise it then, coz a childs life looks like hell to u. big problems surround u, will chunnu let me play in tomorrows match, will I be able to face munnus bowling? Will I score a couple of goals against pintus team or will chintu get the better of me? Or maybe how to get that 1 rupee that I desperately need for the morrow coz I have to get even with babloo who was flaunting his chaat today while I didn’t get to eat any golgappes
    Life was so simple then, u got up in the morning, breakfast was ready, then u rushed to the school where there was less of study and more of fun, no rat race, no politics, no ulterior motives, u could have the worst of fights with someone on a day and be the best of pals wid him the next. Then u come back to home sweet home, have food, watch TV, wait for the evening and then go out to play, come back tired, snacks is always ready, or gets ready while u brag abt ur achievements on the field that day and show off ur bruises (I might look a little obsessed with food, but that’s the one thing u miss most). After sulkily completing ur homework (if its doable) the entire evening was urs. Maybe u got to go out with dad sitting on the bike tank ready to take on the whole world. U felt secured in the arms of ur mom and dad, and knew they were there always to look after you.
    Even today wen I see the kids playing cricket near my apartment, the memories of yesteryears flood me in a flash, I ask them if I can bat for a couple of balls, and after those couple of balls are bowled I'm snaped back to reality. Life is no longer simple, U slog it out till late evening in the office, there is pressure to perform at work and elsewhere, the greed of earning more and more, u long to spend some time with ur family, keep ur head in ur moms lap and go to sleep, meet the frnds, and everyone else u loved but had to leave behind. Life is no longer the same, will it ever be?