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    Saturday, September 02, 2006 

    Uncle Ji

    Continuing with the posts I had written in the train, here is Part two of that journey...

    There are people around me talking about engineering; talking about Chemical engineering, there is one particular uncle ji, a Mr. Know it all (maybe he is), who is constantly advising a babe kinda creature as to what engg is all about, what the job scenario is and similar stuff. Most (I’ll give him credit, not all) of it is fart, but I remember how I felt as a fresher out of school to such advice.
    Their seat is in the next lot of 8, a lil far off, had it not been for the chick, I wouldn’t have even cared what’s going on there but now I think it’s my moral responsibility to undo at least part of the damage that has been done. I’ll do it tomorrow, there is still one and a half day to go before I’m finally Bangalored.
    BTW uncle ji is also very vociferous about women’s rights and their empowerment, in the little while I’ve eavesdropped there have been references from Rani Lakshmi bai to Kiran Bedi to Kalpana chawla, to name a few.
    Another hero is now into frame, he’s in to advertising, after listening to a bit on what is branding and advertising all about, uncle ji has again decided to take the centre stage. Like all passionate Indians his line of thoughts is heavily influenced by cricked and movies. Being an oldie, Amitabh B is the obvious choice, a local flavour is added by the invent of Dhoni in the discussion, and being a loyal local, Tata is obviously not very far from his thoughts.
    I give in, the randomness of his thoughts, his imaginative prowess and astounding creativity is too difficult to capture on a piece of paper. I’ll stop trying that, but one thing for sure, the journey is not going to be boring ;)

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