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    Saturday, May 06, 2006 

    I moved your cheese

    Had started writing this blog on the 2nd of Dec (I’m no super human who remembers things such as this for so long, but a quick check with the document properties is nough for dat info), then I got busy and forgot abt it completely.
    I know I wont be completing the post now, so widout making any changes i'll post it in as it is format...

    Well I just complete this book and even for a non ardent reader like me the book is a must read, it claims to be a self help book for those who don’t want to budge even an inch. As you would have got by the introduction that the book is more of a satirical retort to all those self help book which some of us must’ve gone thru,
    The closest relation I can think of rgt now is
    Horror movies: Scary movie (any of 1,2,3) = Self help books: I moved your cheese
    But its more than that, u got to read it to get a feel, specially for guys the chapter on " finding your mate" is invaluable
    Here are some of the best from the book
    "Remember change is inevitable, but unless u manage it well, it will make the coin section of your wallet stretch and will cause and unsightly bulge in your trouser"

    chapter on " finding your mate" is invaluable

    Mast .. Yeh funda ab tak kahi use ne kiya hai kya?? ab aaplog bade log hai kiya hi hoga!!!

    Abe yeh kya hai..cheating saale post yaa to pura kar ..yaa phir doosra complete post kar...

    Thanks for using Blog Mapper...

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