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    Friday, March 24, 2006 

    That's me lately

    Long time no c, well technically I had put a couple of posts on the blog but none of them were original creations, n now that I’m through wid my GD-PI’s there is no more "bahana" So here goes…
    BTW if any one of u is interested to know how my GD-PI’s went, then they were all "thik-hi-tha" category, which has been my std reply to similar questions w.r.t all the exams that I remember having given (except the ones in which I knew I was royally F**ked). Wasn’t screwed up too much in any one, and neither were they perfect, I always seemed to have a better answer once I was out of the room. So keeping my fingers crossed for the moment and hoping for the best. One gud thing that is going in my favour is that my flat seems to be lucky, two of my friends got thru in job interviews after having stayed over at my flats the previous night or maybe two nights prior to their interviews.
    I haven’t decided wat I want to write there are so many things that are going around in my mind that its hard to pick and choose, getting into the details of "working hard and partying harder" may be a drag so I will avoid that, but yes life has been very generous to me in these last few days. The best thing (besides not being asked any fultu acad questions in the intv) has been rediscovering some old school friends. I wonder at times why I never met them earlier, I knew they were here, they knew I was here, we had called up a couple of times but still required for another friend from Pune to come to Mumbai for all of us to meet. Since then life has been a lot more fun. I still have fun with the geeky, nerdy (not my words but I guess everyone thinks that way) IITians, but one guys into editing/direction and stuff the another NIFTian, their friends, specially their grl frnds (more importantly frnds who are grls), frnds of their grl friends… definitely have helped add more spice in my life.
    Hopefully this will be my last two-three months in Mumbai, at least for some time to come, all this while my life had been screwed up coz of test’s practices and stuff, but in this coming time I intend to change all that. There is nothing more to worry about, no big responsibilities burdening my shoulders, I’m sure I’m going to make, this time, count.
    P.S. there has been lots of news lately, for instance I went to a disc for the 1st time in my life and if u r thinking I shelled out hard cash for it then think again, couple entry for pass holders was free ;-), lots of nite outs doing masti and other stuff …

    yeah,i can understand situation yaar. its really true after going thru a hell u felt a mental peace,quite n calm inner sense.
    hmmmmmmmm well i hope u r lucky flat will bring gudluck for u also :)
    aur yaar kab tu sare news share karega kab se bol raha hai ki lods of news coming up yaar itna time to news channel vale bhi nahi lete :P

    arre saala .. fir yeh to mast ho gaya .. tum waha ho bhi aaye aur paisa bhi nahi laga .. yeh to studapa hai .. Mujhe bhi dosti karni hai nift ki bandiyon se.. :D


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