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    Friday, December 02, 2005 

    Koi lauta de who…

    I had promised mirage ( i dont know if she remembers), I’ll write on a topic similar to one of her posts
    Everyone realises this sooner or later and thinks abt it more than once. Childhood is always the most cherished of the entire life cycle. Obviously u don’t realise it then, coz a childs life looks like hell to u. big problems surround u, will chunnu let me play in tomorrows match, will I be able to face munnus bowling? Will I score a couple of goals against pintus team or will chintu get the better of me? Or maybe how to get that 1 rupee that I desperately need for the morrow coz I have to get even with babloo who was flaunting his chaat today while I didn’t get to eat any golgappes
    Life was so simple then, u got up in the morning, breakfast was ready, then u rushed to the school where there was less of study and more of fun, no rat race, no politics, no ulterior motives, u could have the worst of fights with someone on a day and be the best of pals wid him the next. Then u come back to home sweet home, have food, watch TV, wait for the evening and then go out to play, come back tired, snacks is always ready, or gets ready while u brag abt ur achievements on the field that day and show off ur bruises (I might look a little obsessed with food, but that’s the one thing u miss most). After sulkily completing ur homework (if its doable) the entire evening was urs. Maybe u got to go out with dad sitting on the bike tank ready to take on the whole world. U felt secured in the arms of ur mom and dad, and knew they were there always to look after you.
    Even today wen I see the kids playing cricket near my apartment, the memories of yesteryears flood me in a flash, I ask them if I can bat for a couple of balls, and after those couple of balls are bowled I'm snaped back to reality. Life is no longer simple, U slog it out till late evening in the office, there is pressure to perform at work and elsewhere, the greed of earning more and more, u long to spend some time with ur family, keep ur head in ur moms lap and go to sleep, meet the frnds, and everyone else u loved but had to leave behind. Life is no longer the same, will it ever be?

    so frst one to be here....
    as u said we hd tensions evn then..
    we used to think wen will we grow up n do watever we feel lk?
    its great dat u go n play cricket wid dose kids.. its gr8....we shld actually tk out time fr such things..

    That's the beauty.
    Life is NEVER the same.
    If we look back and think - things were better back then...then we aren't living the present well...(i know that wasn't what you meant :)
    btw, I had a bad time with those bloody cricket balls and bats. Those weren't good times at all!!

    there was a time when you were atriving for pennies now your pocket ( or ATM) is full ...their is enough money to buy 10's of tofee jars ... but i still remember that melody with 'luvy' ..i still miss that ghar ghar with pawan aarti dhapo ...i miss all that ...
    but i dont want to go back into the time and dilute my feeling for that golden past ...it feels like i had multiple childhoods ..that something a tranferable job brings with but still ..i love to think about that ..

    well thats a well oberved fact ....those are the most innocent and therefore the ability of ours to enjoy and thereforefeel it is gr8er in those yrs...ciao

    hey didnt know u've posted it already!

    Gr8 post man! and ekdum appropriate title hai! maybe those times wud never come bak...but the memories can assure us of a wonderful future!

    @ milo - are dont get to play much, couple of balls and then make a move, u dont want to spoil their games also, coz i remember how irritating it was to me, when I was a kid
    @ iyer - yeah i know that, but thats xcatly my pt, at times u wish u did not live in the present
    @ buddha - no one can go back, so u r safe there
    @ luke - yeah couldnt have put it in better words myself
    @ mirage - yeah memories have that power to bring a smile to ur face in the most torrid of times

    read calvin !!..u'll feel more and more so !!

    change of template or just a aankh ka dhokha

    not a dhokha
    definite change of tempelate, office mein woh rang biranga kholne main load hota hai...
    so y not go for something which looks more official ;-)

    aeb on e more thing ...
    "how to get different template "
    " or more impportantly how to apply them"

    abe mere page par ek link hoga powered by blogger tempelates uss par click kar lena, udhar pata chal jayega

    nice post! i feel the same 99% of times
    good to know that i am not alone :D

    and i hope when i am all old and toothless... that i'll feel the same way about my youth... i hope you do too :)

    hi arnav.. a beautiful write up n a touching one too..

    the life we had till now has been our best.. i have not yet experienced what u r experiencing but sumhow i think as time passes the thing of now becomes ur past and u will start cherishing them too.... not because it will have all the happy memories but due to the art we all have developed to laugh at anything gud or bad coming in our way...
    u may miss ur family and friends ..but eventually that realisation is necessary to understand how much can a girlfriend be important in ur life..

    nice job...:D
    chal main nahi le raha teri...chhod diya :P
    arnav cud u plot the desperation vs those variables n try to find out its maxima n value(outcome) at its maxima....
    ofcourse explanation is all thats required.

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