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    Saturday, November 05, 2005 

    Seven Sevens of life

    Uddu, I hope I got the meaning rgt finally

    I. 7 things i want to do before i die
    1. have my own firm, not to work under anyone
    2. Make a name for my self
    3. world tour
    4. grl frnd
    5. try out all types of adventure sports
    6. Social work
    7. to show the middle finger to all those who think i might not do all these things

    II. 7 things i can do
    1. be a diplomat
    2. show unlimited patience
    3. control my temper
    4. type with my eyes closed (this sentece was written that way)
    5. try my best (seldom)
    6. send countless forwards
    7. be very modest when i'm talking abt myself ;-)

    III. 7 things i say the most
    1-5. since its a public forum i'll not go into the details but just say that the 1st five are all of the type $#%!@# ^$%^%!#
    6. chal raha hai kya? ( from kgp days to today. this ones still going strong)
    7. frust ho raha hun

    IV. 7 things i cant do
    1. study for more than an hour
    2. plan properly, before i start something / plan and not screw up
    3. not miss kgp (spclly my wingies)
    4. live w/o internet for long
    5. get a grl frnd (category: decent to gud)
    6. not feel guilty/bad after i screw up
    7. talk much

    V. 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
    1. beauty / smartness
    2. smile
    3. glib
    4. creativity
    5. enthusiasm
    6. frankness
    7. sutta in one hand, a glass in the other

    VI. 7 Celebrity crush
    here i can go on and on and on...
    1. Waheeda Rehman
    2. Madhubala
    3. Katrina Kaif
    4. All recent Miss Indias, models, etc... (wont be fair if i name just one, katrina of-course is in a different league)
    5. julia roberts
    6. drew barrymore
    7. alicia silverstone
    I wanted to add so much more...

    VII. 7 people i want to tag
    1. all jinka uddu ne already naam likh rakha hai
    2. Monks
    3. Shradha
    4. Mirage
    5. Sarang
    6. Luke
    7. Kunal

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    ek to itne dino baad aaya and aate hi tagged .. fine give me one day !!

    koi nahi take ur time, koi jaldi nahi hai...

    Sahi hai be, sab yeh 7 things leke shuru hoo gaye kya........well after monks and u i started pondering on it.......hmm:)

    @ vamsi
    never knew ki u wrote, pehle kabhi tune apna blog address bataya hi nahi...
    bilkul suru ho jao, mujhe pata hota to tera naam bhi daal diya hota

    thanks bud...and yeah...me back and rocking...already had a rash bash wid my boss over nothing...CAT mein ab thoda bahut confidence aa gaya...(pata nahi kyon hamesha anth mein aata hai yeh)
    DUde...Orkut is blocked...dastardly act by my boss(#1 suspect) or CHandra's back beaters...koi nahi...do check your blog for further scraps.


    you did it!

    'reading comprehension' improve ho rahi hai i see :D

    when u on the point number 7 of things u want to do ...do look me up dude

    and i'll make an addition to 7 things you say the most
    "mera ek cousin hai"

    baaki sab peace....

    Good one... But whst's this pre occupation with the other sex?

    Anyway Keep BLOGging!

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