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    Saturday, October 29, 2005 

    From a loser to... ahem!!!

    Opening Scene:
    Class 6th, a day after the 2nd term exam. Maths answer sheets being given back to check the correction and get parents signature. Screwed up majorly. (worst ever, except once in 11th – but ranchi +2 schools, have this perversive attitude of setting the toughest possible papers, and u did very well if u managed to avoid red)
    Hell broke loose @ house. Dad, back from another draining day at office, let me know wat he thought of my effort. Bhaiya was the consoling factor, he told me he’ll teach me & despite his 10th boards (a big big thing for a young student), he took out time for me, gave me tips, helped me with my course. Instilled in me a liking spclly for maths, a subject I liked to hate. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned to him leave alone thank him for being there and pulling me out from the slump. If this day would not have happened in my life, I might not have been where I’m now. Thanx dude, thanx a lot.

    3rd Scene:
    Maths class (1st class of linear equations), me sitting with my frnds, both chatting and not paying much attention to what was being taught in the class, and I was caught doing so. The teacher humiliated me as much as was possible ethically (? nah), socially (? nah), legally, well that’s the term. She did and said all that a sadist teacher would do, she even (almost) made faces at me while shouting at the top of her voice. After a looong lecture she told me to come on the board and solve the problem that she was doing, now I wouldn’t have normally but her acrimonious talk + her asking me to do it again and again got on to my nerves. Thanks to bhaiya and the inspiration drawn from the previous scene I had already done this chapter, I went to the board finally and solved it. The change of expression on her face and the change in tone of her voice that happened in a nano second, is one of my most satisfying moments till date.
    4th scene:
    The same teacher in the parents teacher meeting at the end of the final term, showering praises at me while dad was beaming.

    I never looked back since then, the past was history and I did not want to repeat it. Thou I never came 1st in class, (u have to start early for that) but I was no longer a looser. In the next exams (class 7th 1st term) I broke into 1st three, and earned a Cadburys Dairy Milk from my cousin sister (I’m getting nostalgic thinking abt the small things in life with which I associated so much pride and pleasure).

    That was that this is now I’ve come a long way "certainly not the star eyed teenager, walking into kgp station for the 1st time". I just hope that I can keep my self-motivated for watever I want to do coz since then there has not been much that I’ve really craved for and worked for which I could not get. And this is true for every one if u’ve really set ur heart to it half the battle is won. Reminds me of an sms that was doing rounds "whenever u feel low, depressed or useless ...take hope! Cheer up! Remember that u r the same sperm that once won a battle against a million others!"

    This blog is awesome!

    cheating spouse.

    truly good 1 dude....

    i loved the sperm walaa quote...

    and ya ...somehow cadbury's dairy milk are fun only when you get it from some1 for doing something good....they get a special taste in that case...

    keep blogging ...

    by the way i've tagged you ...so i can expect another one sonn

    @sandy...what is tagging?
    arnav, these incidents will come in handy when u r filling up the application forms for institutes post CAT ;)

    this post has such a nice feel to it....

    reminds me of a commercial on tv about rasna - "chhoti chhoti baaton me badi khushiyan hai"


    keep posting..

    well tagging means that now you have to blog those questions and answers as applied to you
    (i hope u understood ...it took 6 mails to and fro between me and ap to get him to understand what tagging means ...and i'm not sure he's got it yet)

    badiya hai ..be ..
    best part is spern quote abe suvro ...dilli wala yaad hai naa..
    achchha lagta hai bachpan yaad karke naa ..aajkal kabhee kabhee to mein apne class one ke dosto ko bhee yaad kar leta hoon ... mere khayal se mention nahin karna padega that she is a she...abe ab lagta hai ..kitne haseen din the jub meri bhee F thee...

    abe yaar yeh saala spelling mistake ...G chhooot gaya ...GF

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    Hey dost........last quote was thought provoking yar.
    Amazing, absolutely loved it.......keep up the blogging spirit alive yar

    @ vamsi
    Haan mujhe bhi mast laga tha, tabhi to yaad reh gaya and yahan par post karne ke liye bilkul sahi baith rahi thi.

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