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    Wednesday, August 31, 2005 

    Polythene bags : (Bane)d

    Too much of anything is bad, the same goes true for polythene bags, a boon at their inception they have become one of the biggest pollutants in the world. Recently the BMC (Brihan-Mumbai Muncipal Corporation) banned the use of all polythene bags in Mumbai, in the aftermath of the floods it might seem to be too late and too little, but atleast we have a start. Its not that the civic authorities here and across the country were blind to this big nuisance. But the people always fail them, the same people who were worst affected because of the floods, and the same people who very easily shrugged the entire blame away on the govt. and others responsible, but are we ourselves not the "others responsible"? Let me explain

    A little research brought forward the following facts. This is not the 1st time that BMC is enforcing this ban, 5 years ago around the same time of the year after similar flash floods (though a much smaller one) non recyclable polythene bags (thinner than 20 micros) were banned. After massive movement against the polythene bags that imposed heavy fines for defaulters the city experienced a huge dip in consumption of this non-bio degradable menace, but as the authorities relaxed and the ever complaining public got an opportunity, the bags soon found there way back into every nook and corner of the city. Infact I could find no reference to any declaration revoking the ban, so what we have now is the ban being reimposed when its already on (I might be wrong here, but I hope the point is made " without danda, result is anda").

    Agreed that it is a little uncomfortable without the bags, but nothing more than that. Its not as if all plastic bags are being banned, only the non-recyclable ones are covered in the ban, also substitutes are available, reusable/ recyclable/ cheap ones. So is this too much to ask for a better tomorrow? Why wait for a ban in your town or city, cant we take this responsibility without it being thrust upon us? I’m not asking for you to give up its use entirely but is it necessary to ask for a polythene bag every time you have to get the smallest of the things? I’m sure the age-old excuse " ek mere use nahi karne se kya hoga" will come up, but it has to begin somewhere, why not with you? Infact I’m sure, if these bags are not used indiscriminately the need for their ban might never come up.

    I hope it lasts this time.
    In Ooty plastic bags have been banned for the last 5 years and people have stuck to it !!

    arnav i totally agree with you ... that the problem is "ek mere karne se kay hoga " and yes life without plastic is quite possible go to uttranchal plastic bags are bannes in most of the cities .. in almore plastic bags are banned since last 7 or 8 years ... initially it was problem but now my chacha never forget to carry a jhola to the market ...
    and the result -- go check it

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