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    Thursday, August 18, 2005 

    friendship day!!!

    wen i wished some of my frnds in the US happy frndship day, their response was more like - wat? From wat they told, days like frndship day valentines day etc are not celebrated with much enthu over there. but in mumbai i saw ppl celebrating like crazy, msgs written and dozens of frndship bands tied on their hands. u must have heard of ABCDs American born confused desis, well with india shining and all that image is changing, but wat we have in india now looks like IBCV Indian Born Confused Videshis. Back to the core issue wat was this hulla all abt?

    wen i was in kgp i had only heard of something like this and when we wished each other it was more of a joke, but here every one was acting crazy abt it. god knows wats the fun, u'll never c a boy wishing another boy happy frndship day. maybe wen it comes to the oppostite sex it probably gives ppl a chance to act more informal than wat they would normally do, cuddling and hugging and stuff, whereas in the US ppl dont need occassions to get comfortable.

    as for grls i dont know, they are simpler they act same with both sexes maybe no hidden agenda over there simply more sensitive and caring?
    and then there are ppl like me, u dont want to look ignorant so its more like, wen in rome do as the romans do. even if it means to act like a confused indian torn between cultural divide so here goes HAPPY FRNDSHIP DAY ;)

    linked you,
    since i had read all the articles before and i forget my first reactions i shall not post any responses, look for them when u post something new...

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