• Tuesday, May 30, 2006 

    My Pune trip

    Continuing wid my recently developed habit of clicking everywhere and anywhere, Ladies and gentleman, presenting my Pune trip (15th may to 17th may). This will be followed by one more photo blog (if I can find my bluetooth dongle) Mumabi darshan III, which will be the last installment of this experience called Mumbai

    Expressway just before entering a tunnel

    Toll naka on mumbai side
    naka = place (point)
    Check point = check naka; toll palza = toll naka and so on and so forth

    Another view of the expressway, who says work doesn’t happen in India?

    Another tunnel, two this time side by side, one in each direction. Where there is a will there is an (express) way

    Mumbai-Pune highway from over bridge at Chandani Chowk

    Pune city from Chandani Chowk (its on a hill therefore the view)

    Snigdh – school frnd

    In front of library – baratiya vidya peeth, with jigyasu school frnd

    A typical Pune grl, on a hot sunny day. Full terrorist getup

    I forgot the name of this eatery and no its not Villa Eden.

    Friday, May 26, 2006 

    Mumbai Darshan II

    After the slums, presenting the city of dreams. The commercial capital of India, the heart of hindi cinema (bollywood), the place of riches, the place of party, the place of page 3 -
    "yeh hai bombay, yeh hai bombay, yeh hai bombay meri jaan"

    Uptown mumbai/south mumbai or in local lingo townside – the marine drive and churchgate area

    Skyscrapers from local train (near mahalakshmi)

    Sunset from Marine Drive, sun going down behind the skyscrapes of Malabar Hills.

    The Air India building (intelligence report says its one of the prime targets of terrorist attack in mumbai).

    Colaba view from nariman point 1

    Colaba view from nariman point 2

    The queens necklace, marine drive

    Nariman point zero meter

    St Xaviers college clock tower, across Oval Maidan

    Churchgate station

    Churchgate station one of the entry points

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

    Mumbai Darshan I

    These last few days I have decided to explore as much of Mumbai as possible, keeping that in mind I decided to walk one day from office to a frnds place, clicking photos wherever I found anything typical of Mumbai. Finally I decided on slums and half constructed roads and bridges which now days seem to symbolize Mumbai more than any other thing.

    Construction site: muddy water logged in, make shift swimming pool for the slum children

    Slum Tabela

    Half constructed bridge, will ease traffic when (???) completed

    Same bridge from the other side

    Wide road constructed (between the two roads where the traffic is moving), entry still not done

    Huge water/sewage pipes running through slums

    Another half constructed road-widening project

    After completion of this this flyover , ppl will save atleast 4-5 kms or 15-30 mins, the entire structure is ready, entry and exit yet not done

    Same flyover near SEEPZ

    Pre constructed concrete slabs, ready to be put to use (god only knows wen…)

    More slums

    Regretting - MUTP or us?

    Saturday, May 06, 2006 

    I moved your cheese

    Had started writing this blog on the 2nd of Dec (I’m no super human who remembers things such as this for so long, but a quick check with the document properties is nough for dat info), then I got busy and forgot abt it completely.
    I know I wont be completing the post now, so widout making any changes i'll post it in as it is format...

    Well I just complete this book and even for a non ardent reader like me the book is a must read, it claims to be a self help book for those who don’t want to budge even an inch. As you would have got by the introduction that the book is more of a satirical retort to all those self help book which some of us must’ve gone thru,
    The closest relation I can think of rgt now is
    Horror movies: Scary movie (any of 1,2,3) = Self help books: I moved your cheese
    But its more than that, u got to read it to get a feel, specially for guys the chapter on " finding your mate" is invaluable
    Here are some of the best from the book
    "Remember change is inevitable, but unless u manage it well, it will make the coin section of your wallet stretch and will cause and unsightly bulge in your trouser"