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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006 

    Mumbai Darshan I

    These last few days I have decided to explore as much of Mumbai as possible, keeping that in mind I decided to walk one day from office to a frnds place, clicking photos wherever I found anything typical of Mumbai. Finally I decided on slums and half constructed roads and bridges which now days seem to symbolize Mumbai more than any other thing.

    Construction site: muddy water logged in, make shift swimming pool for the slum children

    Slum Tabela

    Half constructed bridge, will ease traffic when (???) completed

    Same bridge from the other side

    Wide road constructed (between the two roads where the traffic is moving), entry still not done

    Huge water/sewage pipes running through slums

    Another half constructed road-widening project

    After completion of this this flyover , ppl will save atleast 4-5 kms or 15-30 mins, the entire structure is ready, entry and exit yet not done

    Same flyover near SEEPZ

    Pre constructed concrete slabs, ready to be put to use (god only knows wen…)

    More slums

    Regretting - MUTP or us?

    nice observations...

    Was a little disappointed from the pictures. These are the things that people always see or want to see in our day to day lives. I just wished u had found something optimistic about the road that u took.

    sorry, but i wrote what i felt.

    @ neeraj
    point well taken
    i've been trying to do the same for the last one year, but i think that strech of road is as untouched as it was last year.

    also i dont think ppl have enough time to think abt issues, like the one in the 1st pic.

    BTW my next instalment is a contrast to this one, where work has been done and it shows
    my pune trip also featuring Mumbai pune expressway, which is an experience in its own
    and mumbai darshan 2 featuring the mumbai skyline @ nariman point (again a man made marvel) and the breathtaking views arnd the area

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