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    Friday, March 31, 2006 


    things are getting too personal to write on the blog. whenever i start writting i think of the possible audience and then i decide, not to write abt stuff.
    Disclaimer : "Since I'm a lil drunk tonite i dont know wat i'm writing and thus am pardoned for wat is going to follow"

    Let me analyse today why i'm single (excuses excuses excuses!!!!)
    1. I'm too gud a person ;-), too courteous i guess to make the move soon enough, maybe grls get tired of waiting for me to make a move and then suddenly the phone stops ringing in the nites, smses stop coming and you imagine just like u have so many things already going arnd in ur mind, the grl too has some stuff going arnd and wants time off, and suddenly when u meet her or talk to her, you realise that the "some stuff" is some other stuff altogether.
    2. once bitten twice shy i make my move too quickly, and the grls thinks i'm a flirt. arre i know i'm a flirt, so wat i still have a heart (and a heart of gold at that ;)). but how to make 'em understand (i hope someone takes the hint :P)
    3. i think too much, i fear too much, wat if the person is not right. one of the most eligible (single) bachelors of the world cannot just go arnd with just any grl (to allay any doubts that u may have, let me clarify the eligible bachelor in discussion here, is none other than urs truly :D). she has to measure upto him and so despite being the prince charming that he is, his highness is still single cause hes so bloody choosy :(.

    now that i've started refering to me in the 3rd person it feels very gud cause u can really give ur ego a big boost by using all the adjectives in the world and still not sound too proud, so in this post henceforth i will refer to me in the 3rd person.

    4. his highness is too much of a man to own up being vulnerable. love is for the weak. only they need emotional support, he does not know wat emotions are. he believes too staunchly in the funda mr amir khan gave in the movie ISHQ -> "ladkiyon aur local train ke peeche kabhi nahi bhagna chahiye, ek gayi to dusri aayegi". aashole pehle ek aayegi aur phir woh jayegi tab to dusri aayegi, train ka track hi nahi to local kahan se chalegi.
    5. being from an IIT has its own peril, grls are so prejudiced, he is a nerd, he is a geek, he doesnt know how to have fun, excuse me miss give him a chance atleat, not all IITians are desperate bunch of loosers that you think them to be.
    6. he claims to be single and happy, he has plenty of imp things to do in life and he has plenty of frnds (including grls) with who he can chill out and have fun. then why would he want to ruin this perfect life? (what all bullshit excuses can one come with).

    There is so much more that i can think of, but i will spare him the embarrasment and end now. so if ppl dont take the hints now, finally the much reliable papa mummy is there in his life as they were in plenty of others life, they will at some point of time start looking (after due permission and his acceptance of defeat in being able to look for someone for himself). so his highness neednt worry, coz there is light, at the end of the tunnel

    Awesome !!!
    Simply Great ..!!!
    ......Ne his highness ...you will get your princess soon ... but i am afraid will we be able to find a girl with diamond heart and Body of gold.

    hmmmmmmm are babua tumko to pathshala jane ki jarurat how to impress a gal ki koi low std book ke fande idhar pe kaam nahi aayenge

    hamri pathshala join karo to kutch fyada ho aur tum to hamre rishtedaar bhi ho hum fees bhi kam kar denge :)))))))))))


    even i know what u r talking about....i am just too gud for girls:P

    same here DuDe.. U will get her very soon.. pray for me too..

    Sunil Jain

    Ria here!

    jaane kyon log pyar karte hain
    tan tan ta
    jaane kyon tum udaas hote ho
    tan tan ta
    aur jaane kyon jane kyon
    log tumpe nahin marte hain :-((((

    achaa hai! mare hue se karoge kya........
    waise yaar
    maar daala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    guppi here uff chotu

    banda IIT se nikal ke bhi frust hai....aur vo bhi mumbai jaisi city mein rehte hue....to hands off my brother...bande mein hi kuch kami hai.......ha haha:)))...well awesome written

    ahem ahem...

    i guess you kind of nailed it with point number 4; most guys just want to have a good time without getting very much involved... i guess you should be brave enough to open your mind and heart out to another person

    but dont worry whether SHE's the right one or not... only time will tell...

    all the very best !!

    Neeraj here.

    saale looser... u suck be, and life sucks too. ja jo bhi pasand aye bol de. sochne ka nahin. fir jab lage pasand nahin aa rahi to fir bol de. kya jaata hai.

    Get a Life! Stop whining about it.

    Just a stranger trying to help

    Really really funny.....
    had a good time reading ur frustrations.....
    all the best...lage raho!!!!!!

    truly amazing..
    nice uninhibited analysis
    So, there are some things that even
    the "perfect diplomat" can't pull off?

    @ deepak aisa hi hoga
    @ dadi
    acha hai, u teach me wat women want, i'll teach u wat men want :P
    @ Roy
    @ jane
    dont worry our prayers will be heard soon...
    @ Ria
    Compilantion error!!!! segmentation fault core dumped
    @ Chotu
    abe frust nahi yaar, masti ki koi limit nahi hai, bus ek bandi ki kami hai, jo ki jald hi puri hone wali hai (aisi feeling aa rahi hai andar se)
    @ chavvi
    tere ko jab funde dene the tab diye nahi, abhi gande fande na de, no compromise wid my style
    @ neeraj
    dost hamare khayalat bahut milte hain, kum se kum itna sure karna chahta hun ki kabhi yeh dukh na reh jaye (aaj ke baad) ki saala bol diya hota to scene kuch aur hota
    @ stranger
    thank u very much sir, i'm depely indebted by your show of concern
    @ satyapriya
    gee thanx, feels good that some one appretiates ur posts, in the end that is all that matters ;-)
    @ umang
    just wait and watch dude, abhi to life suru hi hui hai ;-)

    too gud n a fabulous piece..

    now i can imagine diff between 2B or not 2B :)

    congrats sweetheart ,now i feel more confident of walking on ur pathways ..
    hats off..

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