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    Thursday, December 29, 2005 

    Working hard... PARTYING HARDER Part-II

    Wednesday obviously comes next in line, and we were all set for "Not Just JAZZ by the Bay" unfortunately one of the guys fell ill and we had to drop the plan, we went to see apaharan instead, it was a mast movie, serious but fun.
    Remainder of the week remained surprisingly calm, there was a plan for harry potter and the chamber of secret on Sunday but after going all the way to the multiplex I found that it was housefull, 4 weeks since its release and still running house full? How was I to believe that this is possible, on the same day another party got cancelled, one of my hostel’s senior, was in town and we had decided to have some fun, unfortunately he got busy and so the entire day was screwed up. I almost forgot to add that we had seen neal and nikki on Saturday ( I guess it was not worth remembering any way)
    An entire week had gone by without anything much xcept movies and failed plans, I don’t remember correctly if it was Monday or Tuesday that I set out for my next outing. This time the destination was vashi (navi mumbai). It took us almost 2 & a ½ hr to reach there, almost the same time I was required to travel to go to Calcutta from Kgp, or from Ranchi to Jamshedpur, but I guess in bombay this things are not unheard of. Another senior’s treat this time, the place was called Creek (the bar of a certain Hotel Abbot), it was another night of fun.
    Thursday we went for bluffmaster, me and my flatmate, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and then it was destination pizza hut, Friday after a tr8 at pizza hut in the evening, I had another one at Urvashi ( a nice bar cum restaurant in borivali) I was almost entirely full so could not eat much, but there liquids do not occupy much space and there is always space for some in ur stomach, so I drank instead.
    Finally on Saturday (Christmas eve) we managed to get the tickets for harry potter and my long due promise to my cousin was finally fulfilled. Evening was spent in the lanes and bylanes of bandra followed by a lil time in totos, but the best part was yet to come, I stayed over at my frnds place (Company’s accommodation) in bandra, now let me tell u a lil abt this place, in that apartment all the floors had just one flat, 4 bedroom flat, with a hall that was big enough to play football. BTW did I tell that Kareena Kapoor (yeah the film actress), lives in the top floor of the same apartment, we ate and drank in the company of his 2 flatmates, which included one of the most beautiful creature, that I’ve ever seen in flesh and blood.
    Sunday (Christmas) both of us went to bandstand (walking distance from his place, many film stars including shahrukh khan live in bandstand), this place is sort of a lovers paradise, u’ll see pairs all around, some of them doing things not worthy of public description. The connoisseur of natural beauty that we are, we had gone there to simply to enjoy the aesthetics of nature, which we ofcourse did, Sunday ended for me with a mast dinner at my bua’s place.

    Part 3 amongst others will be abt the experiences of mood-indigo (moodi-i, the IIT bombay fest), the new year bash, the office party on the 1st and our units party on the 7th.

    and drank in the company of his 2 flatmates, which included one of the most beautiful creature, that I’ve ever seen in flesh and blood.

    whoa !!..wid whom did u spent night wid..

    and kareena kaporr..so were lucky

    and no dounbt..i m jealous !!

    ye hostel seniors kaun kaun the bhai...ye flat wala to chalo taklu hai pata pad gaya...lekin ye most beautiful creature ko kahan se jugaade...usi flat mein rehti hai kya???

    chalo life max sahi kat raha fir to...maze karo bhai...aur han, Happy New Year...mera cell se network busy ke alawa aur kuch ho nahin raha...

    Most Beautiful creature who???

    first of all me too am curious about the "beautiful creature" and will echo the previous comments in asking who????

    then if you are mentioning all these eateries you might as well add a little review of these places...what to eat and all...who knows some of us maybe lucky enough to visit mumbai in the future

    @ anshul
    abe main to tripathi ke saath hi soya (unfortunately)
    @ suvro, deepak
    taklu will tell u better, waise blog main thoda exaggerate tokarna hi padta hai, lakin sahi bandi thi yaar..
    @ sandy
    abe review kya jab idhar aayega to main le kar chalunga na tujhe... aur long term ki baat kar raha hai to i doubt ki tu kissi gaon ko chod kar mumbai pahuch payega :P

    happy new yr!!!

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