• Monday, August 21, 2006 

    Last bit of masti in Mumbai

    0345 hrs, 21st August 2006
    This is 1st of the 5 posts that I had written down while traveling to Bangalore, with the intent that I’d post them as soon as I reach Bangalore, well that did not happen but almost 2 months since then I finally got the time and the enthu to start blogging again…
    This is sort of flashback in flashback…

    I've decided that the best possible way to spend this train journey is by doing something I really enjoy a lot but haven’t done for quite some time
    So ready or not here comes the next complicated/rubbish/... installment of my blog

    So much has happened since I last wrote that it really astonishes me to think, how fast life moves ahead. the last few days in Mumbai is a blur, there were so many things I had planned to do before bidding adieu but I ended up chucking out most of them, the good thing is I managed at least some of them. The most memorable would be watching X men 3. had bunked school to watch movies, have lost count how many times I did not go to college coz I was watching a movie, and now finally I got the opportunity to bunk office to watch a movie. I did not have much to do in the last 3-4 days (being the usual efficient me ;), I had finished my targets much before time and was coming to office only because my release orders were not yet processed), having decided that before I leave Mumbai I must watch X-men 3, I managed to convince my friend and colleague Mr. Aaloak (strange way to spell his name, but he thinks it takes care that no one mispronounces it, poor fellow hasn’t met many of the species called hardcore bongs :D). Left office at 1115 for Huma Adlabs noon show, 8 people in total watched the show; fortunately the show was not cancelled. There was another 1st on that day, 1st time in BEST air-conditioned bus - conclusion a very nice experience and an intelligent mode of transportation but discovered too late.
    After clicking a few snaps of L&T from outside, we finally made an entry back in the office not long after making us visible for a while we again ventured out; after all how long can one survive without lunch ;)