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    Friday, June 02, 2006 

    Life moves on

    Well tomorrow is my last day in L&T and day after tomorrow is my last day in Mumbai, I worked/lived here for almost a year now (13th June 2k5 to 3rd june 2k6). This was my fourth Mumbai trip and by far the longest.1 year in the most happening city in the country and unlike last time I fell in love with the city.

    There are thousands of problems here, but still the couple of unique things that this city offers, makes it adorable. For a nocturnal guy like me there is no place like this city that never sleeps. I’ve spent whole nites roaming around here and there, I’ve taken BEST buses at 1 o clock in the nite and I’ve traveled in the last local train at 2 o clock in night and 1st local at 4 30 in the morning, have taken autos in the in between time no matter wat it shows on the clock you'll never be alone on the road.

    I’ve seen bunch of grls wandering about at 2 am in bandstand, I’ve seen grls travelling alone equally late and there hardly is any safety issue ever.

    The bustling Marine drive, the couple infested Bandstand and Reclamation, the skyscrapers at Nariman point, the posh Hiranandani/Lokhandwala, the riches of Colaba/Mlabar hills which inspires one to dream… not to mention the pubs and the discs, the hot chicks at those places. These are just a few things that make Mumbai an experience, worth living again and again.

    Bye bye Bombay will miss you

    hi shadab here..good work but only thing abt blogs is you get bored after some time..how'd u manage a year...
    and mofo..pune aaya to mere ko bhi batata tere darshan ho jaate ;-)
    also me want to ask lotsa stuff abt cat prep. isliye apni koi id de( other than yahoo)

    Hi, I ws in Mumbhai last month for a short vacation. Your blog perfectly describes how i felt about the city. It never sleeps, the latest i have travelled was 11.30(tht's quit elate for me !!)in nite n it was chirpy like morning hrs..N the fun of standing on the door of local, the breeze brushing past my face was an amazing experience.

    I'm moving to Mumbai for the next 10 months... I guess it won't be so bad after all... :)

    me too..i love b'bay! altho crowded it's always a cool place to be in!


    Rocking city!!!..I hav been here for last 19 years and i m completely in luv wid its spirits!!

    Shadab, Amita, mirage, infektia, buddha and aneesha, gr8 to hear from u guys
    @ ami, infektia, aneesha, cant agree with u more Mumbai rokcs :), i'm already missing it
    @ mirage - sure grl, if u got the freedom to njoy it, there is nothing like Mumbai

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