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    Saturday, April 15, 2006 

    From heart attack!!! To BLIK

    Things couldn’t have started worse on the 12th of April, the fateful day when the IIMs were supposed to take out the results. I was watching a movie with probably one of the best frnds that I have, wen the phone rang to inform me that C results are out, I could hear the elated voice of Rajesh in the background and others congratulating him for making it through. My pulse rate suddenly picked up and I went to check my results to a frnds place. I put the number I checked the status it read SORRY. I called back and asked my flat mate to confirm my registration number (as if I would’ve forgotten it), same number, checked again, same result SORRY.

    This was a heartbreak coz I had more or less made up my mind that if I get through Cal, I’ll be joining that wont even think abt anything else. Besides other strong and compelling motivations, Suvro is already there, Jha has made it this time and there are thousands of others from KGP there. I was very down that nite, I hardly slept. (there was so much in my mind that nite, I cant even try to rite it down here)

    I woke up at 4 to check it the other results are out, but they weren’t, so I went to sleep quite dejected. Next morning was no better, besides being rejected by cal, there were other troublesome thoughts too running in my mind. Finally I reached office and then checked for Bangalore, when the screen flashed SORRY I felt totally dejected, a gud for nothing crap. I had thought it would be B/C for me but both had slipped from my grasp. My flat mate was consoling me suggesting a possible 2nd list may include my name. But I gave up all my hopes when I checked Lukhnow and got a GPL from there too.

    I started planning what better I had to do the next year, how much more masti I’ll do, and this time I would fill up lot many more forms (PGDCM for sure) I’ll shift to some better place in Mumbai, look for an alternate job, try to specialise more into what I intend to do and stuff like that. I even talked to Guta and the possibilities of what all we could do in Mumbai together next year. Then the phone rang. Many batch mates from kgp and anyone, who has come across him, would remember ARKSS. I talked to him in the depressed state of mind that I was then, he asked me y I was sounding so low, I told him, having got a GPL from all that I had checked, what else was expected. Then he told me but I’ve made it to B, I checked again, again it said sorry, he checked again, again it said congratulations, I decided to call B and check the result. They said u have gone through and put down the phone. Now wat is gone through, this does not clearly say that I got it, in the confused state of mind that I was nothing made sense, I gave others my details and asked to check, they confirmed the news, I called back again to IIM B he again said gone through, I was more or less convinced by now that I had actually made it. I called up home no one was there, then I gave the news to my bro and dad on his cell, bhaiya called them up again and they told him yes I was in the prime list and have to take admission by 8th may. I was so relieved.

    Now with a calm mind I checked L again, instead of the dd/mm/yy format I had typed my dob in dd/mm/yyyy format, when I switched to the actual format I got another congrats, by the evening K had also come out with the result and I got a call from there too. Indore came out on the next day, I checked the results just for academic interest and got a sorry, but I did not feel sorry this time. Finally when I checked my mails yesterday I got a call from Indore too, thou the site still reads sorry.

    Eventually I got a call from 4/5 that I had been shortlisted for. Except for probably what I wanted most, I still hope that there might be a fuck-up some where just like the confusion in others, but I don’t think that is going to happen with C.

    Final Status
    B – Through
    C – GPL
    L – Through
    I – Through
    K – Through

    Congratulations...........n CELEBRATIONS!! Sorry cannot call u up n congratulate u myself cuz my phone was lost..yes again. So not nly am i without a phone, but also all the contacts. My no is still the same. So pls be kind enough to msg me ur no.
    N listen dude, now i deserve a BBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGG PARTY!!!

    And check the indore with Month/Date swapped .

    @ surabhi
    are u still in mumbai? i too lost my cell (for the 1st time thou) fortunately have ur number stored, will call ya up
    @ deepak
    abe aaj official letter aa gaya, iss liye peace hai, waise change kar ke bhi nahi aata hai result

    hey arnav.. congrats.. BLIK.. as in BLItzKerg.. and as in Arnav BLIK Prakash.. hell of a great job man :-)..

    badhai ho dude....mere bahut saare treats bache hai ... bade waale...

    Many Congratulations Arnav.

    Two absolutely fantastic years coming right next.

    Working in Delhi right now.

    Am going to change my number yet again this week. Will let you know.

    Till then, put up your feet and stare :))

    first of all a very hearty congratulations, have heard abt ur happiness from our common frnds already though.
    and hey.....i have been staying in mumbai for 21 yrs now but havent had this collection of pics of the city...
    kwel work .....n u write really good....
    bbbye for now n would keep chking ur blog for furthur stuffs
    and trust me....u surely would miss mumbai!!!

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