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    Saturday, February 18, 2006 

    Taxing experience

    Its all done now… filled the form – C (for the uninitiated this is w.r.t the Income tax), showed all the savings for the year and finally I’ll end up giving a lil bit to the govt. of India for the 1st time (in actual terms coz technically, IT was being deducted from my salary, but that will now be refunded, except corresponding to the amount over the min taxable income that I did not claim to save ) Hope that in three years from now I’ll be a huge tax payer for the govt.

    Now three may seem to be a lil odd to you, (it is a odd number is it not? So y wouldn’t it ;-)). Y not 2, y not 1 or 4? 3 years from now à hopefully 2 yrs MBA this yr onwards one yr of income and then finally the tax.

    good to know that scoundrels like u cant shy away from paying tax..
    but i also know that in only 3 years time u will certainly be eligible to pay huge taxes n will be forced like this time to pay them.. but imagine

    10 years down the line.. when u will have a huge company n may be u will have to pay taxes 1000 times more than ur huge amount .. then will u still pay them??

    proud of my boy....

    now u can proudly walk on highways, ride buses, and say yes! i paid my share of all this....and oh ya...your subsidised undergrad course too...

    keep it up :D

    fundaaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

    Hows your GD/PI preparation coming along ?
    Which interviews have you attended till now ?
    We've had 'Lucknow' and 'Indore' here 'Kozhikode' coming up around 1st of march...

    Tax !! TAx!! TAx !!

    hey bhagwan kaash agle saal is jhanjhat mein naa padna pade ..rest is obviuos
    kyun arnav ;-)

    @ guta
    abe saale main scoundrel to tu to pata nahi kya...
    @ sandy
    woh to pehle bhi hum log apne baap ka hi samjhte the, kyu bhai log?
    abe abhi to tune mujhe funde dete dekha kahan hai...
    @ buddhe
    exactly my feelings, agla tax 3 saal baad ;-)

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