• Monday, January 23, 2006 

    ParT tHrEE

    Its been long since I last put anything on board, nowdays its more of working hard and working harder!!!
    But a job once taken up has to be finished so here is the 3rd installment of my fun days in mumbai.
    Went to mood I on the 1st day itself and then vowed not to go again… managing passes were not a big problems and I used my contacts well. After I reached there I heard Indian Ocean was to perform that day, almost all my enthu drained but I went inside anyway and after the long wait outside finally managed to get in. The OAT here is not very big and was jam packed, I was expecting worse but coz it was not a very long performance (10 o clock deadline to loudspeakers in Mumbai) they played most of their well known songs and it turned out decent. Thou I decided then and there that I was not wasting anymore time on mood-I, spring fest (kgp – cult fest) is definitely a better xp despite of a lil lower budget (even crowd wise). That day ended in the IIT B life line Sujata palace.
    31st again was a lil disappointing. Our plan for essel world flopped coz after abt 2 hrs in the line for ferry we were yet not sure if we would get one b4 midnight. We then decided to go to Marine drive to watch the fireworks, but running short on time (if we did not want to celebrate new yr in the train) we stopped at bandra and went to bandstand, so new year was spent in Barista with thousands of other ppl at the rocky beaches of bandstand.
    On 1st we had an office party at Hotel Residence, poolside garden. There were games, food, music, dandiya, garbha in short fun, this was one of the better days that I had spent in that period. Dandiya was the best thou, without any know how of anysteps we invented few of our own and kept going.
    The best day ofcourse was 7th of january 2006. Our units party in Le’ Royal Meridian. This was a family affair and hence the glitz and glamour of Marriot was missing but just besides our hall the Oman Airways party was also on, and I did get a glance or two of the airhostesses there. The lounge also had its own share of page3 kinda ppl. It was a dinner and cocktail party and I did not let the opportunity go waste. Had a gud outing overall.
    Yesterday I also ticked off café’ leopold from my "to do" checklist, its another café in the same mould as café mondegar, similar crowd if not better over there.
    There were other opportunities also, lots of movies and malls in the period. The one that strikes out is wedding crashers in Fame Malad (Inorbit mall), and not only because it’s a must watch, too gud movie. I would recommend anyone that, the only thing to remember is not to watch it with parents.
    The crowd at all these places seemed to be better than the previous, description would’ve been a lil repetitive, so the omission. I’m falling in love with the city, and hope that this yr will not be my last association with this city.