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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006 

    The journey continues

    The chicks are fine, but u need more than that to make a journey interesting, this one is tourney out to be a pretty boring one. Every now and then I get out of the coach, sit on the gate for a little while, catch a breeze of fresh air and capture the sceneries around in my cell, but after a while when I come inside, its again the same dreary atmosphere. I tried to strike a conversation with a few arnd me but nothing lasted more than 5 mins. Not very optimistic about abt things changing much, but one thing for sure from this low things can only improve (as they did later when I got into a chat with another uncle, Kgp alumnus, who was traveling with his family that also included a hot daughter)
    The main problem with striking a conversation with when one starts a conversation with someone is that it inevitably comes to what are u doing, what have u done sort of questions and then in becomes hard to keep words like IIT and IIM out of the conversation. If its left to that its fine but invariably the other person either totally embarrasses u buy showering praises, or else starts trying to prove he/she is better off. Get a life dude, I’m not interested and I did not even want to bring up the subject, all my enthu then vanishes.
    BTW u must’ve surely heard 99% of the grls in the world are beautiful the rest 1% are in my college. A similar analogy can be drawn in my compartment, but since I believe all the grls in this world are beautiful, there is a slight change in the wordings – Almost all the grls in this compartment are gorgeous, the not so beautiful one has a seat just beside me :(
    The babe I had talked about in the “uncle ji” post has other babes frnds, who have come calling on to her. So I’ll put my pen down now and concentrate more on the “scenic beauty”
    After thought – out of the 5 grls that I’m seeing right now, its hard to determine which one is the best. (puppy note I guess the mini Bombay thing is true after all)

    pote tere blogs logo ne padna band kar diya hai kya lolllzzz
    ab samjhoon ki tu itne munhaar kuyn kar raha tha ki dadi naya post dala hai pad lo pad lo


    anyway aage kya hua


    are nahi dadi, woh to maine pehle ke post ke liye bola tha, isse to aaj hi dala hai
    aur logon ne padhna kam nahi kiya hai, aaj kal comment marne ka samay nahi hai logon ke pass iss liye... hit counter to decently badh raha hai :)

    bhaiya....being a sapiuosexual makes ur life heller !! i feel same tht way

    abe anshul, saale aise shabdon ka prayog kyu karte ho ki dictionary kholna pad jaata hai
    waise ab jab khol hi liya hai (dictionary) aur dikh hi gaya hai (meaning) to baat to bilkul sahi keh rahe ho dost :)

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