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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

    My Cousins Misadventure

    Friday nite is usually a partyish nite for me. After a long day I was returning home, stuck in traffic for over an hour waiting for the ordeal to end, wen my cousin called me up. Away from the influence of all the "gr8" cousins I had arnd me when I was growing up, he is more of a seedha saadha guy, whose 1st sip of beer was courtesy me just last yr. (1st yr. engg is quite early by normal standards, notice the stress on the word "normal") but then who doesn’t want to let loose once in a while.

    Before I start on a diff track completely let me come back to the call, he and his frnd wanted to get drunk to a totally out stage. I normally would not encourage such behaviour but I thought I would be leaving Mumbai in a few days and after that he might never get an opportunity like this. So after a little dillydally I cancelled my movie plans (thank god for that – heard "Pyaare Mohan" is pathetic) and asked him to come over at my place. He brought over his guitar (he’s real gud at it, trying to form some band as well) and his frnd and then we went to get the stuff. I asked them wat they wanted my cousin had never drunk anything hard before so he had no opinion the other guy had drunk rum once or twice and wanted to try that again. I couldn’t let my cousin’s 1st xp being that of rum, so I bought a "kamba" of vodka and some sprite (definitely more palatable, and less of odour compared to rum) and with a few Haldiram packets we were ready.

    He fixed his guitar (electric so lots of paentra) and then after a few songs they were ready for the 1st peg. It went down slowly, they started loosing control over theri bodies, though the mind still was in control. Some more guitar (he was really enjoying playing it drunk) and then the next peg and then the next... (since I had office next day and wanted some sleep so I was putting a lil more than usual in each peg so we could get over it quickly and being determined to prove that it was really not affecting them, they insisted on adding even more). Lil by lil their mind too got "liberated" and the usual stupid stupid things started happening, calling up ppl, acting weird, talking gibberish. He almost lost his touch wid the guitar too, and then with lil vodka still to go, the puking sessions started.

    1st my cousin filled the basin with all that he had had in the last two days, followed by "abhi to chadhi hi nahi, aur le kar aana hoga" frnd of his, who seemed to have developed a liking to puke outside the basin. God only knows why, but the upper half of his body seemed to be making a wave before, during and after he actually puked, the momentum made sure that at least some, if not most of his inner most fillings spread all arnd. Along with the fillings the feelings also started coming out, but thanx to kgp I’m well trained to handle such situations appropriately. I put them on bed and kept a bucket nearby and asked them to use it if required, my cousin did dat once in the nite but "abhi to chadhi hi nahi, aur le kar aana hoga" frnd of his decided against moving his ass, after all wat was the floor for???

    The stench in the apartment was almost intolerable in the morning, so before venturing out for a long day in office, I had to get at least some of it cleared, which I did (or else the "kaam wali bai" might have refused to step in) the apartment was now almost livable, I left them sleeping and ran to catch the office bus, it amazes me how I managed to catch it (practice makes perfect i guess, have got into this habbit of being Just in Time). By the time I came back, they had conveniently left not bothering to clean up obviously and y wud they? "Main hoon na", also the bai had been very content with cleaning only the floor, the bathroom was still in the same messy condition in which I had left in the morning and my evening or whatever was left of it (I had returned at arnd 8 from the office :( ) was spent doing the cleanup job.

    As I pen down the happenings of that day I realise it was not at all a misadventure for him, all he did was have fun, while I took all the pain and the "jale par namak" kind of situation was that not only did I pay for it (from hard earned money – it’s a v difficult job to do time pass so regularly in office ;) ), I also had to clear the shit that came out of it :( (well almost literally, except that it came out from a different hole)

    BTW this is his version of the story

    i know i know
    another cousin story ;)

    ha ha u pre-empted any cousin related jabs here...very clever...

    btw nice to have your cousins let lose once...nice gesture...
    and well the puke...part of the parcel i guess...
    keep writing..

    nice:-).. u really do have a way with "ironical endings"..my sympathies..guess u were a first timer too :-)

    yaar ab tu jaldi se bangy aa milna padega tujh se to :P

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    oye saale..

    duniya gol hai. aur her villian ka double role hai.

    bhol gaya woh raat. J W Marriott :D

    ....Happy Drinking ...
    yaad hai haal day and Rupa ....

    yaar, tumhare IIM me selection ki khushi me kuchh na kuchh dhamaal to karna hi tha... hehehe

    @ Uddu
    being xtra cautious
    @ ria
    @ bad grl
    dadi main aa raha hun, bus ab jyada time nahi hai
    @ chahar
    ;-) abe jaissi karni waisi bharni, BTW aisi bharni bahut baar ho chuki hai, karni to ek hi baar, koi nahi dheere dheere parity aa jayegi
    @ buddha
    abe woh to ganda tha, yahan kam se kum koi chutiyapa to nahi hua na
    @ ambuj
    haan haan maine mana thode hi na kiya, kum se kum issi chakar main ek bolg ke liye topic to mil gaya :-)

    If it wasnt ur cousin and if it wasnt ur house that were on the recieving end, this might have been fun to watch!

    And since it was neither my czn nor my house i can have a hearty laugh!!


    @ megz
    the aftereffect was undesirable, never the less i njoyed every bit of it
    anyways there not much dat u dont njoy wen u urself are drunk :D

    We are dealing with a seedha saadha chokra from Thakur Villi.

    Tum ne apna dharam nibhaya. Kaccha khilaadi ko pakka babaana hi apna kaam hai bey, saala idhar udhar p k naali mein pada hota uss se to yahi accha hai ki tere jaise koi jimmedaar aadmi k saath peena seekhe.


    Oye dude.........nice blogs be........tere blogs padke i always envy thinkin isko time kahan se mil jaata hai:P........waise dude me coming to blore on 18th Jun.......tu hooga na wahan........gimme ur cell no, mine is 9815223345

    @ chotu b
    haan haan sahi bole
    abhi tum apna jimmedari nibhana mere bangalore aane ke baad ;)
    @ vamsi
    me coming to bangalore on 25th june, tab tak tu rukega kya?

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