• Friday, March 31, 2006 


    things are getting too personal to write on the blog. whenever i start writting i think of the possible audience and then i decide, not to write abt stuff.
    Disclaimer : "Since I'm a lil drunk tonite i dont know wat i'm writing and thus am pardoned for wat is going to follow"

    Let me analyse today why i'm single (excuses excuses excuses!!!!)
    1. I'm too gud a person ;-), too courteous i guess to make the move soon enough, maybe grls get tired of waiting for me to make a move and then suddenly the phone stops ringing in the nites, smses stop coming and you imagine just like u have so many things already going arnd in ur mind, the grl too has some stuff going arnd and wants time off, and suddenly when u meet her or talk to her, you realise that the "some stuff" is some other stuff altogether.
    2. once bitten twice shy i make my move too quickly, and the grls thinks i'm a flirt. arre i know i'm a flirt, so wat i still have a heart (and a heart of gold at that ;)). but how to make 'em understand (i hope someone takes the hint :P)
    3. i think too much, i fear too much, wat if the person is not right. one of the most eligible (single) bachelors of the world cannot just go arnd with just any grl (to allay any doubts that u may have, let me clarify the eligible bachelor in discussion here, is none other than urs truly :D). she has to measure upto him and so despite being the prince charming that he is, his highness is still single cause hes so bloody choosy :(.

    now that i've started refering to me in the 3rd person it feels very gud cause u can really give ur ego a big boost by using all the adjectives in the world and still not sound too proud, so in this post henceforth i will refer to me in the 3rd person.

    4. his highness is too much of a man to own up being vulnerable. love is for the weak. only they need emotional support, he does not know wat emotions are. he believes too staunchly in the funda mr amir khan gave in the movie ISHQ -> "ladkiyon aur local train ke peeche kabhi nahi bhagna chahiye, ek gayi to dusri aayegi". aashole pehle ek aayegi aur phir woh jayegi tab to dusri aayegi, train ka track hi nahi to local kahan se chalegi.
    5. being from an IIT has its own peril, grls are so prejudiced, he is a nerd, he is a geek, he doesnt know how to have fun, excuse me miss give him a chance atleat, not all IITians are desperate bunch of loosers that you think them to be.
    6. he claims to be single and happy, he has plenty of imp things to do in life and he has plenty of frnds (including grls) with who he can chill out and have fun. then why would he want to ruin this perfect life? (what all bullshit excuses can one come with).

    There is so much more that i can think of, but i will spare him the embarrasment and end now. so if ppl dont take the hints now, finally the much reliable papa mummy is there in his life as they were in plenty of others life, they will at some point of time start looking (after due permission and his acceptance of defeat in being able to look for someone for himself). so his highness neednt worry, coz there is light, at the end of the tunnel

    Monday, March 27, 2006 

    Bloody Tagged again!!!

    Triple tagged (I know something of this sort is used in the WWF type of matches where 3 mean, scheming, unscrupulous… guys come together against a lone soldier). Those three mean, scheming, unscrupulous… ppl are
    The lone brave soldier is ofcourse me

    This post was written on Friday the 24th but couldn’t post it then, doing it now instead…
    Today I’m in mood of no work atall, would’ve hardly done an hour of productive work. Sometimes I think LnT suits me, I PRETEND TO WORK and they PRETEND TO PAY :-D.
    Coming back to the tag, here is how to go about it

    The rules of the game
    1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover
    2. You have to mention the sex of the target.
    3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.
    4. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

    Well this is sort of a repetition, of the seven sevens of life, except there the question was something like 7 things u look for in ur partner. Well in Indian context there might not be a whole lot of difference between "partner and a lover" but since I’m loving in Mumbai for almost a year now, and if my dehati friend from kgp who hails from the "bukha nanga" state of Orissa can differentiate between the two, I guess I have no options but to be more "hep" than him ;-).

    What I’m writing is strictly should not be confused for what I want in a partner, and since I’m single and available I neednt be politically correct about it. So unlike *uddu, who might fear chhaavis danda, I can go ahead with my interpretation of the tag
    My Ideal lover
    1. Hot
    2. Sensuous
    3. No strings attached
    4. No questions asked, no expectations
    5. A phone call away
    6. Should drink and smoke
    7. Rich, wid a nice house widout any watchdogs, and a nice fluffy king sized bed, not a miser
    8. Adventurous.
    That wraps up my expectation list. Bus itna sa khwab hai :-)

    But since everyone has been writing about the 8 traits of their partners, I think stopping at qualities of a lover would not be totally appropriate. So heregoes…

    1. Warm and Caring -> Wat I would love most is me lying in her lap while she lovingly fiddles with my hair, or whatever u call those appendages that come out of the top of my head
    2. Confident -> Its important for me that whoever she is she must be confident. About what she is doing, when facing the world, of the choices that she has made. though I’ll always try to be there to support her, but she should not be dependant on me or anyone else
    3. Smartness is very important -> She should not be a bimbo, each and every sentence I say should not require a 10-line explanation.
    4. Shouldn’t hesitate in giving me a little space once in a while -> Some times I may need a little time off, everyone does, but not everyone understands this.
    5. She should have a disarming smile -> One of the more important ones. The power to take away all ur anger, frustration, all ur days exhaustion with one flash of a smile and a loving greeting.
    6. She should be madly, truly and deeply in love with me
    7. She should have the right mix of tradition and modern outlook
    8. 7 points in favour of inner beauty, and the last one for exterior beauty -> I am not a greek god and I don’t expect a goddess for me, but neither am I a saint who would say this is immmaterial. The better the babe the better it is for me ;-)

    Next time whoever starts with such tags please ensure there is more space, abhi to bahut kuch reh gaya :(

    Now for the important thing, the tag list, I think most of the ppl I know in the blog world have already been taged. I still managed to find 8 people somehow, the list is as follows (Remember u can have ur own more sane interpretation of lover)

    I just now saw that chhaavi had also tagged me on the same so its probably a quadruple tagged situation

    Friday, March 24, 2006 

    Over heard…

    Yesterday while going to my friends place, (NIFT wala, w.r.t previous post) I was listening to radio. This grl Maya was the RJ, I was listening to her for the 1st time, but I really liked her style of introducing the songs. Instead of the normal inro’s she was narrating a story, She was already half way thru when I tuned into the station, but still I really felt touched by her narration.

    The basic story line is the same, but since I remember only some points from her story I’ve probably woven a different story all together…

    Aksar jab main sadak par ja rahi hoti hun to lagta hai ki peeche se koi pukar raha hai. Main mud kar dekhti hun par peeche koi bhi nahi. Awazeein phir gunjti hai, main phir ghumti hun lakin phir bhi koi nahi. Hothon par ek dabi se muskan ubhar aati hai, aur main ghar ki yaad main kho si jaati hun, peeche se ma ki aawaz aati hai, "Maya, bahut dair ho gayi, chalo ab ghar ke andar aa jao", ya bhaiya chillata hai "Maya chal andar,". Bhopal main bitaye woh bachpan ke din, aankhon ke saamne aa jaate hain. Woh ghar ke samne chota sa park, jismain bachon ke khelne ki aawazeen abhi kano main gunj rahi hai. Office se lautte Papa ke scoter ki aawaz, jisse main dur se hi pehchan leti thi, aur daud kar andar unse milne aati thi aur haath badha kar bolti thi, "Papa meri toffee". Aur phir wapis park main apne doston ke saath, sabke samne, dikhate hue who toffee main khati thi. Yehi sochte hue main apne society main ghusi, bache samne khel rahe hain, aur phir se ek awaz aati hai, par iss baar who mere khayalon main nahi, koi phir se kissi ko pukar raha hai, "Neha, bahut dair ho gayi, chalo ab ghar ke andar aa jao" aur main apne khayalon se wapis aa jaati hun, jaisse kissi ne jhakjor sa diya ho. Aankhon se aasu chalak padte hain, aakhir yahan kaun hai mera? Kisse mere ghar jaldi aane ka intezar hai? Main to ek musafir hun, haan ek musafir…

    And then the song begins…
    yahan kaun hai tera,
    musafir…, jayega kahan…


    That's me lately

    Long time no c, well technically I had put a couple of posts on the blog but none of them were original creations, n now that I’m through wid my GD-PI’s there is no more "bahana" So here goes…
    BTW if any one of u is interested to know how my GD-PI’s went, then they were all "thik-hi-tha" category, which has been my std reply to similar questions w.r.t all the exams that I remember having given (except the ones in which I knew I was royally F**ked). Wasn’t screwed up too much in any one, and neither were they perfect, I always seemed to have a better answer once I was out of the room. So keeping my fingers crossed for the moment and hoping for the best. One gud thing that is going in my favour is that my flat seems to be lucky, two of my friends got thru in job interviews after having stayed over at my flats the previous night or maybe two nights prior to their interviews.
    I haven’t decided wat I want to write there are so many things that are going around in my mind that its hard to pick and choose, getting into the details of "working hard and partying harder" may be a drag so I will avoid that, but yes life has been very generous to me in these last few days. The best thing (besides not being asked any fultu acad questions in the intv) has been rediscovering some old school friends. I wonder at times why I never met them earlier, I knew they were here, they knew I was here, we had called up a couple of times but still required for another friend from Pune to come to Mumbai for all of us to meet. Since then life has been a lot more fun. I still have fun with the geeky, nerdy (not my words but I guess everyone thinks that way) IITians, but one guys into editing/direction and stuff the another NIFTian, their friends, specially their grl frnds (more importantly frnds who are grls), frnds of their grl friends… definitely have helped add more spice in my life.
    Hopefully this will be my last two-three months in Mumbai, at least for some time to come, all this while my life had been screwed up coz of test’s practices and stuff, but in this coming time I intend to change all that. There is nothing more to worry about, no big responsibilities burdening my shoulders, I’m sure I’m going to make, this time, count.
    P.S. there has been lots of news lately, for instance I went to a disc for the 1st time in my life and if u r thinking I shelled out hard cash for it then think again, couple entry for pass holders was free ;-), lots of nite outs doing masti and other stuff …

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

    From Chukku Kaapi to Cappuccino

    Twice now in a row that I’m putting some one else’s post on my blog, but havent been writing much lately, not that I’m pressed for time, infact the entire opposite of it, no time from time pass is the main culprit. But once I’m thru wid the interviews and the guilt feeling of not having studied at all in the day would surely go, and I would be happy to write abt some major changes that have happened in my life recently…
    Till then njoy this awesome piece, some of it is in tamil, it is a very long piece but i'm sure u cant help but njoy it…

    Dunno the author of this piece, got it as a fwd...

    This blog was written because I was left with no work to do after coming back from Café Coffee day today. I always feel that blogs are written by people who have nothing else to do, but write blogs. And blogs are written for people who have nothing else to do, but read blogs. So if you have nothing else to do, continue reading.
    Café Coffee Days in my life!!! I can't believe it. Six, seven years back I would never have imagined that such a day would occur in my life. Café Coffee day is supposed to be a place where high class people who didn't know how to spend the money they had, go. But now I am there... I have changed a lot since my school days.
    As I said in my previous post, I never talked in English till the end of my 12th standard. May be in my primary school we talked in English a little bit... (Since girls were there in my primary school we used to talk in English... Mostly it was the "You go girl." "Miss this boy no... he is stealing my pencil miss" and "Miss this boy is pinching me miss" type of pathetic English.). Till I went to college, I never read an English newspaper. I never knew who Sidney Sheldon was. I never saw English movies. "Star movies" was considered adult material at home. I never talked to a girl. I don't feel that I missed anything...But still because I didn't have such experiences, I had to adjust a lot when I traveled beyond Cornigela, my place.
    Born in Cornigela, an ordinary conservative town, even Chennai took a lot of time for me to adjust. My home town was too cool. You could watch movies for 15 Rs. in an AC theatre. You get the best food at lowest prices. You can drink water wherever you want and it doesn't affect you. Girls never wear T-shirts or Jeans. You can see girls in half-sarees. And there were a lot more things that were cool to me...My first costly experience as far as I can remember was my first Pizza.
    In my 12th standard holidays I had my first Pizza. We, a group of 5 friends went to a bakery. It was around 7 p.m at night. We ordered our first Pizza (only one because it costed so much - 20Rs!!!). As the Pizza arrived one of the guys started using his hand to take out a piece. "Ley" ....The others shouted... "asingam pannatheylae. Fork kudupaanga"... We got 5 forks for eating one Pizza. Everybody tried taking out a piece with the fork. Nobody was successful. Stupid forks... As we were trying different methods, two girls came in, and took the table adjacent to ours. They seemed to be from the so called high class families in Cornigela. They ordered a Pizza. We were still trying to eat ours. Their Pizza arrived in their table. Unable to find a solution, we looked at them for one. One of the girls took out a piece with her hand and started eating it. Damn stupids we were!!! But what do we do now?? We can't go back to the hand-intake method... We are brave!!! Luckily for us the power went off... Forks were put down and everybody started picking a piece with the hand. Our sole aim- finish it off before power comes back!!! Unlucky for us, power came back immediately... We had a piece each in our hands... The girls started laughing... People around us realizing what had happened too joined them...We promised we would never eat Pizzas again. But we all did.
    The first change in lifestyle for me occurred in Chennai. Chennai was completely different. Watching a movie for Rs.40 was a one time life experience for most people in my village. I had to adapt to such things since I had to be a part of the group. Otherwise you feel let out. My habits started changing. For example, you look into the glass before drinking water to check whether it is clean. I went to my first Coffee Pub in Chennai. I remember saying some time back "Loosu paya thaan Coffee publa poi mukkaa manineram wait panni oru black coffeeya 50 Ruba kaasu kuduthu kudippaan" - I did it...
    If Chennai was difficult for me, how easy would be an MBA school? I was dumbstruck with the culture... The Hi's and the fundoo English speaking guys were all a great change, though I had expected it. There is a sense of hollowness when you say a Hi to somebody here. In Cornigela a smile was enough to say what you feel. There is real sense of belonging in a smile. I miss it - a smile without a Hi.
    Here is an example to show how my family mindset is different from the mindset here. At the end of the first term when I went home, I showed quite a few photographs to my parents. In one photograph there was a guy who had his arms around a girl's shoulder. My mother asked me whether they were in love. I said "No". But even today she doesn't believe me. She still feels that they are in love!!! If only she comes here(...
    The mind works mechanically here - after you crack a joke you do what they call high fives!!! When you meet a person you ask something like "What's up buddy?"- Only God knows how you are supposed to answer for such a question!!! You say "Excuse me" after a sneeze - What big mistake have you made to say that?? When you are ready to sacrifice ethics for grades and see even your closest friend as a competitor in group discussions, how much difference will that Excuse me make? Pretty difficult to adjust!!!
    Even Café Coffee Days and costly dinners sometimes hurt. Daily my father takes a bus to reach home from his office because taking an auto would cost him Rs.30. He walks a kilometer daily from the bus stop to my house. When I think of that and the fact that I am spending Rs.50 for a Chocolate Fantasy, I feel uneasy. Definitely it is not a matter of money. The fact is that I somewhere in my heart feel that this is not really who I am...The fact that I have changed a lot hurts... I want to be the same myself, but I am unable to do so.
    Started listing down a few things that have changed in my life. The left column is a list of things that were part of my life before I entered college. And the right are those that I came to know/were a part of my after I entered college.

    I wish I go back to school and be the same guy I was. I know I can't. But I want to do it and live the same life all again.
    Leo da Mirci once said, "I love what I do because I do only what I love".
    If only following something is as simple as saying something!!!