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    Monday, September 11, 2006 

    Gutando’s didi’s shaadi

    Only one year working and I’ve developed such a taste for comfort that after n number of ordinary bus journey to Patna, I decided that I couldn’t settle for less than an A/C bus this time. Should’ve been wary of the Bihar Tourism bus though, the dripping water from the f***ing A/C vents made me wiser for the return journey.
    I reached Nand Lal Chapra at 4 30 in the morning and as advised by Guta Singh I got down in the secluded part of the highway, in retrospect, would’ve been much wiser if I had gone to the town instead. Ne ways after repeatedly calling Guta for what seemed like an hour he finally woke up and then after waiting for wat again seemed like an hour he finally came down to receive the V.I.P guest. Back in Guta’s home I realized he is a true reflection of his family, everyone was so warm and loving. Uncle was obviously very busy and I did not get to interact much with him, but bhaiya, didi and aunty were all very caring and lively ppl.
    Back to the story as soon as I reached his place Guta Singh declared I was going to be didi’s chauffer (driver snds too lowly) for the day, that did not happen entirely, but yes I did end up driving for most part of the day. Jha had made himself useful and reached home but sri sri Buddha ji maharaj wanted a chauffer to come up and pick him up, and that moment onwards I drove and drove and drove…
    The other highlights of the day,
    Sharing a sutta with Jha after ages,
    The spell bound, childlike attention of Buddha while I was narrating my Mumbai escapades
    Meeting the “Tez tarra, tez dhaar” another product of Guta’s ‘social’ Singh’s friend factory – Jyoti
    The timely and opportune jokes of Shankhu
    The leg pulling of Ravish
    And obviously the marriage itself.
    Guta Singh being the brides brother was obviously burdened with more important things in life and while he was ably supported by Jyoti, for the rest of us, apart from the rare SOS calls it was fun all the way.
    BTW the jodi made a very nice couple, the groom looked almost as smart as didi looked beautiful.

    Apart from the fact that i almost missed my bus back to Ranchi (courtesy Guta Singhs scooter breaking down mid way to the bus stand), those two days were full of fun and masti, almost like college re-visited

    how could i miss this blog..

    bahut mast likha hai and really ab tu bahut achha likhne laga hai.. ho sakta hai ki yeh tere IIM ka influence ho and tu pehle bhi itna hi achha likhta ho.. but we lesser mortals may n't have realised it but nw i understand the true writer inside u..
    who understands how short and precise is the key to a gud blog..
    nicely written dude nd thanks again for doing ur job perfectly especially at the time of vidai..

    hehe - nice blogzzz - par kaafi mushkil naam hai - will hv to tag it ;)

    @ rebel
    thank u, waise whos it? Pauli?
    @ guta
    abe chutiya bana raha hai saale, ab to kaam ho gaya, ab kyu phula raha hai ;)

    abe mast likhela hai baap !!

    hosla afzai ke liye skhuriya dost :)

    :D... Vaise i am wating for the narration of the second encounter...
    And saale kuchh nagreji sudharne ke tarike bata de yaar... meri angreji to bad se badtar hoti jaa rhai hai ..SOS...

    Finally welcome back to B-world...
    (I am also trying to charge me up... May be able to come up with a post in a day or two or a week lets see)

    my comment isnt thr.. n y no updates?

    hey i like ur blog :) a lot .. i mean ur writings :) i mean.. d verbose expressions :)

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