• Tuesday, August 14, 2007 

    The Adle Quest

    Unlike most of my previous posts this one does not speak about me for a change. The protagonist in question here is none other than our very own Mr. Deepak Bharti (better known as DB or mika), fellow intern and mischief maker at Barclays Capital.

    This was our last weekend in London, and having had enough of Lewisham the suburb we lived in, we decided to spend this weekend in style. We crashed at Ganesh and Hil’s place in Bakers Street (ya the same which was made famous by one of the most revered fictional character ever – Sherlock Homes). After the Sheesha experience (Iranina restaurant with specialty in flavoured hukkas) and a long unwarranted walk (it’s a long story in itself) me and Ganesh ended up in a Casino. This was a 1st for me but believe me you, Ganesh is a pro, while I watched and learned, Ganesh ended up making some 60 pounds in the few hours he played poker.

    Now Ganesh has this excellent philosophy that money won in a casino needs to be spent in style, and not kept for profit purposes. I, DB and Ganesh had an excellent idea how we wanted to spend this money, while the committed guys from the group backed out (read Hil and Baveja) the three of us decided at least one trip to a strip club was definitely on the cards. With a sponsor we had nothing to worry and the predicament that we were not going to spend money for such a cause was solved as there could hardly be a better use for money won in a Casino :)

    The Venus – that was the place. We had seen the ad on the paper and after making sure that the place was not just a sham, there was no looking back. The tube took 9 minutes to Farringdon and "the place" was quite close from the station. The bouncers on the gate had biceps the size of my thighs or maybe thicker, a glance at each other and we all understood that none of us should even try to play the wise guy. We were escorted in, there where chicks all around… will not get into details but it was gr8 (BTW there were no lap dances there only table dance – no touching strictly), and there she was one look at her and DB fell in love, there she was Adle, dancing gracefully with an innocent sparkle in her eye and a Colgate smile on her face. When the dance ended DB was in a world of his own, the other performers came and went but DB had his eyes fixed on this beauty who was sitting all alone at a corner in the hall.

    Dreamy eyed almost in trance and with infinite enthu boosting from me and Ganesh, DB finally decided he wud talk to her and that he did… even earned a personal performance. For the entire evening and most of the next day DB was lost in a different world. Adle never left his mind not until Monday morning when we were back to office… DB was is love and at times the way he speaks about her I’m sure he still is.