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    Monday, March 27, 2006 

    Bloody Tagged again!!!

    Triple tagged (I know something of this sort is used in the WWF type of matches where 3 mean, scheming, unscrupulous… guys come together against a lone soldier). Those three mean, scheming, unscrupulous… ppl are
    The lone brave soldier is ofcourse me

    This post was written on Friday the 24th but couldn’t post it then, doing it now instead…
    Today I’m in mood of no work atall, would’ve hardly done an hour of productive work. Sometimes I think LnT suits me, I PRETEND TO WORK and they PRETEND TO PAY :-D.
    Coming back to the tag, here is how to go about it

    The rules of the game
    1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover
    2. You have to mention the sex of the target.
    3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.
    4. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

    Well this is sort of a repetition, of the seven sevens of life, except there the question was something like 7 things u look for in ur partner. Well in Indian context there might not be a whole lot of difference between "partner and a lover" but since I’m loving in Mumbai for almost a year now, and if my dehati friend from kgp who hails from the "bukha nanga" state of Orissa can differentiate between the two, I guess I have no options but to be more "hep" than him ;-).

    What I’m writing is strictly should not be confused for what I want in a partner, and since I’m single and available I neednt be politically correct about it. So unlike *uddu, who might fear chhaavis danda, I can go ahead with my interpretation of the tag
    My Ideal lover
    1. Hot
    2. Sensuous
    3. No strings attached
    4. No questions asked, no expectations
    5. A phone call away
    6. Should drink and smoke
    7. Rich, wid a nice house widout any watchdogs, and a nice fluffy king sized bed, not a miser
    8. Adventurous.
    That wraps up my expectation list. Bus itna sa khwab hai :-)

    But since everyone has been writing about the 8 traits of their partners, I think stopping at qualities of a lover would not be totally appropriate. So heregoes…

    1. Warm and Caring -> Wat I would love most is me lying in her lap while she lovingly fiddles with my hair, or whatever u call those appendages that come out of the top of my head
    2. Confident -> Its important for me that whoever she is she must be confident. About what she is doing, when facing the world, of the choices that she has made. though I’ll always try to be there to support her, but she should not be dependant on me or anyone else
    3. Smartness is very important -> She should not be a bimbo, each and every sentence I say should not require a 10-line explanation.
    4. Shouldn’t hesitate in giving me a little space once in a while -> Some times I may need a little time off, everyone does, but not everyone understands this.
    5. She should have a disarming smile -> One of the more important ones. The power to take away all ur anger, frustration, all ur days exhaustion with one flash of a smile and a loving greeting.
    6. She should be madly, truly and deeply in love with me
    7. She should have the right mix of tradition and modern outlook
    8. 7 points in favour of inner beauty, and the last one for exterior beauty -> I am not a greek god and I don’t expect a goddess for me, but neither am I a saint who would say this is immmaterial. The better the babe the better it is for me ;-)

    Next time whoever starts with such tags please ensure there is more space, abhi to bahut kuch reh gaya :(

    Now for the important thing, the tag list, I think most of the ppl I know in the blog world have already been taged. I still managed to find 8 people somehow, the list is as follows (Remember u can have ur own more sane interpretation of lover)

    I just now saw that chhaavi had also tagged me on the same so its probably a quadruple tagged situation

    meri khub maar li dost...

    few clarifications and additions i would like to make..

    1) adventurous...only in the bedroom(or anywhere else u like to do it for that matter)..or generally adveturous??
    2)how do u differentiate between hot and sensuous????
    3) your appendages... u know what we all call your appendages over here right???

    4)its not that we misinterpretted the meaning of the word 'lover' but lover i guess would translate to one who loves you going by standard english grammatical rules

    5)you are hitting a few more people than me with the bhukha nanga statement...and i didn't get chaavi's danda but u might, she's quite gung ho about her home state

    ps- i'm really hoping you get your confident, smart , modern outlook waali ladki...mazaa aayega...vo thik tumhe line pe le aayegi..

    kafi jyada demand hai...pura kaise hoga be:P

    abe sale ..yeh kya thaa padhte padhte pak gaya :
    look for me how simple it is " she should be a girl and that's all"

    Hi Arnav,
    I tried, but guess I ended up playing it all wrong. Nevertheless you can look at the post on 29th March.
    When do the interview results come?

    yaar mera naam kyon??

    Rich, wid a nice house widout any watchdogs, and a nice fluffy king sized bed, not a miser

    bahut imp hai...

    @ C-uddu
    1.since the lover that i'm talking abt is strictly only a lover. i guess i need not say more
    2.hot-> mallika sherawat (not necessarily desiarable), sensuous -> katrina kaif (koi bus ek baar mila do yaar uss se)
    3.i preety well know what those apendages on my head and possibly more on ur head are usually refered to as, why else do u think i did not write hair
    4.in the globalised world where queens english has gone for a toss, i would much rather go for the colloquial meaning than dictionary meaning
    5. chaavi ki halat dekh kar to iss hypothesis ko aur bhi strength milta hai ;-)

    P.S me too

    @ vampy saale demand high rakhunga to 10% milega, low demand ka 10% mila to wat lag jayegi

    @ buddhe
    dost chinta na karo, tumhare bhi din aayenge

    @ shradha
    honoured 1st time u commented on my piece i guess :)

    @ monkey
    issi liye likh liya taki bhul na jaun ;)

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