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    Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

    TV Star

    Believe it or not I beat most of u to it, I made my debut on a national channel (technically speaking two channels), well I’m not sure if it was telecast or not but I gave the interview alright.
    Even thou I had seen the STAR TV crew near the examination center even before the test began but I had to wait till for the afternoon for the fateful moment. Date 20th November, time 1.15 P.M, the moment will not be easily forgotten. Me, Mayank, Anil and Harish were all there but no one else seemed to be interested, but this was my 1st opportunity and I was not letting it go widout a fight. I went near the STAR reporters but seeing the crowd that had already built over there I knew it might be difficult to get a chance to speak out, and even thou there must have been a shot or two of my peeping face (1st appearance) I was determined not to compromise wid only dis.
    God did not let me go disappointed dis time, there suddenly out of thin air CNBC crew also came over, and while they were still fixing the camera and stuff I knew dis was my chance, so before others had a chance to think abt it I pounced on the opportunity(2nd appearance).
    TV debut question, how was CAT?
    Ans (something to the effect of) – Well one of my tutors used to say, a CAT paper widout surprise is the biggest surprise of all, so I wasn’t shocked by the 90 question format. The only real problem was the excessive emphasis on logical reasoning in the DI section, ususally there is at least a 50-50 distribution, but this time there hardly was any question from DI, besides that it was fine.
    Now if u ever see a boy(?)… man (whatever) in a blue half shirt, on CNBC TV 18 (the best business news channel of India) giving such critical analysis of the CAT, u can feel proud that u know the genius who spoke such words of wisdom. BTW I have three witnesses and a pic (which is now on display) to certify that "maine jo bhi kaha hai sach kaha hai, aur sach ke siwa kuch nahi kaha"

    well a star is born ......AUTOGRAPH PLEASE!!!!;)


    well wishing this isn't your last dude...

    hope to see you on CNBC soon giving a similar critical analysis of something actually important [:D]

    here comes another TV star....
    stand up ... stand up
    every bdy standup
    'Kya EKTA yeh performance avoid kar paayegi'

    dhat sala tu bhi tv pe aa gaya...woh bhi angrez channel pe...ab to bandi pat jayegi!!!

    @ luke -> definetly, next time ur in mumbai u can seek an appointment ;-)
    @ uddu -> yeah me too
    @ d -> i doubt ki yeh powerhouse performance koi bhi avoid kar payega
    @ suvro -> ghum phir kar wahi, khair tere munh mein ghee shakar, bus ab yahi ek reh gaya hai

    TV start bhi aur ab all calls bhi .. arre i feel previleged to be ur fren

    Your comments won't be understood by anyone other than the CAT aspirants.

    btw, I didn't like your group at all - The mutual admiration waala.
    I've had a bad experience with my own 'Confused Individuals', which never took off. 5 months later, when it was over 100 strong, some moron used some geeky hacking thing and STOLE my group. that's right.
    Now I am confused and agitated. No time for admiration :)

    @ monks
    Saale suna nahi hai kya? dont count ur chickens b4 they are hatched.

    @ iyer
    arre i'm willing to take that chance, jab tak chal raha hai tab tak enjoy kar raha hun. @ comment, aare aaj kal sabhi CAT ke baare mein jaante hain, apne age gp wale... 170000 ne to akele iss baar diya tha, aur assuming ki sabhi 10 jinhone
    CAT ke baare mein suna hoga (including jisne pehle diya ho), usme se 1 ne iss baar diya, phir bhi it's almost 2 crore. so a huge potential audience not to worry on that count

    well...so u did it finally .. the world gets to see the new star in rising ...congrats dude..i for one am really sad to have missed that devine moment of u'r tv debut:)..
    keep going and i have no doubts you will make it big someday.

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