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    Friday, September 23, 2005 


    24 Words start with hair in an oxford pocket dictionary, the single word hair requires so many words to be explained.
    Hair n. 1 a any of the fine threadlike strands growing from the skin of mammals, esp. from the human head. b these collectively (has long hair). 2 thing resembling a hair. 3 elongated cell growing from a plant. 4 very small quantity or extent (also attrib.: hair crack).  get in a person's hair colloq. annoy a person. keep one's hair on colloq. keep calm; not get angry. let one's hair down colloq. enjoy oneself by abandoning restraint. make one's hair stand on end colloq. horrify one. not turn a hair remain unmoved or unaffected.  hairless adj. [Old English]

    The objective of this blog is not to "get into your hair", so "keep ur hair on" and "let ur hair down".
    Every where u see ppl sport different hairdos, some long some short some curly some straight, beaded or with a pony tail, black or white/gray (but now a days they are available in all imaginable colours, blue, saffron, red, green, of course the favourite blondies…). I have restrained from such adventures my self but I can’t help admire those who do go fwd with it. Recently one of my frnds (Bani, for those who know him) turned blonde, everyone around him was startled by the change, but when u asked him, all he offered was a I don’t care expression and shrugged. Now whether it was a "chutiya kat gaya shrug" or "I don’t care shrug" is open for interpretation but now that he has become a blondie no one can do anything abt it. There was also this mogambo inspired guy that was in the insti, I wonder if he still has that weird style.
    Then there were the Jha’s and the Mayank’s who worked very hard for their long flocks but then had to part wid them when they entered the professional world. But the award for the best hairdo would go to Tripathi thou, for almost two years now he has had the guts to wear a style that very few in India keep. Inspired by Gautam Pandey, one of our seniors, who always had that barthez style - I’ve never seen him with any hair at all, (and maybe me as well, I went for that look for a while in my 2nd yr) he keeps his head shaved and thou has removed the french cut (parental pressure before job), he still keeps a goti.
    For me short and simple works best, but every now and then I get tempted to do something different. This time I’m allowing them to grow as long as possible, but patience is a virtue I don’t think I’m blessed with, not atleast when it come to this and I’m running out of it. Very soon I’ll be back to the normal short stuff, till then as the saying goes "enjoy while u can".

    abe what about my style ....
    what every one calls me is due to my hair ...STYLE

    abe tere ko effort thode hi karna padta hai tu look diff, yahan to maine kewal un logon ki baat ki hai jinki mehnat jhalakti hai

    quite a hair raising article

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    @ sandy
    jhad par mat chadha, not really a hair turning effort

    have you seen the show called sansani on star news?? thought i would become a bhaalu like him... alas, it becomes very irritating the moment the daadhi grows more than a couple of mm's.

    sensitive issue hai bhai yeh sab !! lot of hard works goes behind it.. and those buggers "u look out of place" saala if i wud have known that i would be moving out of place then never would have done wat I have !! :((

    @ Chotu B
    Abe tere ko aise ajeeb ajeeb se inspiration kahan se aate hain? Waise dadhi mein to sahi main bahut fight ho jaati hai, I know that that from college xp, wahan kabhi thoda badhne de deta tha tab to lag jaati thi.
    @ monks ,
    abe kya pata tere chote baal dekh kar hi select kiya ho, waise bhi ab load le kar to kuch hoga nahi...

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