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    Monday, August 29, 2005 

    13 itne sahi log

    Continuing with my fascination of kgp and DFE, here is the last addition to a series of entries based in and around the wing situated on the eastern side of the farthest block in the oldest hall in the IIT Community.

    The most often quoted statement quoted in our wing was made by a drunk man who wouldn’t have cared to remember it the next day, had we not been there to capture the golden words as they were spoken it would've been lost in oblivion. Strokes of inspiration come at the most unassuming of times, but this time the occasion was as big as the words themselves. Hall day celebration after more than a decade and testified by almost all who were present there as the best that was ever organised, was no mean feat. For us the satisfaction was manifolds coz we were at the core of it, like we had been in everything from the time we had stepped into the hall. All illumination competitions, Live cricket world cup telecast in the Netaji, Puppy’s election and then the subsequent ones, both the hall days, Akhada, all chaoses, all patching up, we never thought abt right or wrong, doing the stupidest to the most awe inspiring things without the blink of an eye, for each other and for the hall.

    Now that I’m no longer a part of the hall I often wonder was it all worth it? Even though all looks very nice and glossy from the outside there were moments in my tenure as the president, which I would like to forget. Leadership came naturally to a wing which could boast of 6 hall secys, 1 gymkhana secy, 1 MCM, 3 LCM, 10 inter hall (sports) players, 8 inter hall (soc ‘n’ cult) representatives, 3 inter IIT players who had together put uncountable hours for all big and small hall activities, even before they had started to live together. It was natural for people to have apprehensions about us acting as "studs", the same acts which prompted an applause in our 2nd year were later looked with skepticism. The simplest of things we did, was viewed as a political stunt, the frnds we had, if we stopped by to smile and talk with someone, while we never knew what was going on, grouping against us was almost complete. It came to us as a shock when we realised wat was on.

    Fortunately, on our part we had never changed our perspective of the others, not that we liked everyone, but our likes and dislikes were never a secret. It was easy for us to carry everyone with us and finally it was not me alone or DFE alone, but the entire batch that was together in our endeavour which finally led to a truly golden year. G.C, elections, basky court, canteen, stationary shop all became a reality. The journey of the 13 itne sahi/stud/chutiye log was a most memorable one.

    Regrets?? Wat regrets???

    The "drunk man who wouldn’t have cared to remember it the next day" speaketh...'with great power comes great responsibilty', or 'from great responsibilty, arises great power', or 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'...which of these sayings did we prove right? I think the first two, and that too, comprehensively...if some ppl still perceived the latter case, it was their weakness derived from our strength. In the process, our losses far outweighed our gains...so cheerz.
    ~the second quote is an original

    hmm...nothing much to add ...like one said ..a lot of water has flown under the bridge...but...memories arn't water, neither are lives anything like bridges...so guys never forget all that you achieved big or small ..good or bad...
    when i'm old and my memory fails me in patches ..still i will remember "we few, we happy few, we band of brothers"...and "stand upright" when those days are named....and tell others of the feats we did...(and hope people forgive me for being a senile sentimental bastard)

    @ suvro nice quotes, i should have added out of box thinking and originality in our list of specialities, (must have missed out on quite a few of them) and ur rgt abt the 2 being apt for us. i wont elaborate more, for if i had to i would have done that in the post itself

    @ sandy
    hmmm getting sentimental are we?? but the post was meant that way, nostalgic wihtout sentimental will hardly do. and i'm sure its not only u but all of us who'll cherish those memories and act as the "senial sentimental bastards" wen time comes

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