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    Tuesday, August 23, 2005 


    what follows is fictitious story, resemblance of characters with anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

    destiny/fate, do u believe in it? well some times i do sometimes i dont. but recent spate of incidents have firmed my belief in the same.

    Recently 2 of my frnds, lets call them Gutado and Dhingrado had come to mumbai. Gutado had come to mumbai coz he was heading for Mangalore, where he wanted to be with his sister for rakhi, why he chose the route to be via mumbai? his brother is here, or maybe because of the recent heartbreaking news(thats a story on its own) he wanted a change and what better place than mumbai to brood over the cruelties of life, while surrounded by gourgeous testosterone stimulants?

    This xplains Gutados presence in mumbai, but what abt Dhingrado? he did not have a sister nearby, did he? or was his heart broken recently? definetly a brother in mumbai? No No No, he had come to meet his beloved frnd (me ofcourse, unbelievable? well, no further comments).

    Not wasting much more time let me come directly to the point of how and where destiny becomes important.

    Gutado is a very social creature, he has frnds all over india, and he doesnt mind roaming around and meeting them. so while his arrival had been via Mumbai his return trip was unplaned to the xtent that he could have been back either via hyd, via mumbai or via pune depending on his selection of the prey (read frnd) he wanted to grace.

    Dhingrado is more reserved when it comes to making frnds, but is very faithful to them, willing to be with this one spl frnd of his for the entire trip, which was planed in a working week. (another incongruity, for he never bunks classes). Dhingrado does not like missing classes so he had got his tickets done for saturday so he neednot miss anymore classes.

    Where is the bloody destiny?

    well here it comes,
    On saturday out of the two trains that start at the same time from different stations from Mumbai to his college village, one got cancelled. As fate would have it, it was the train Dhingrado had decided to take for his trip back. I had earlier insisted Dhingrado must have something (to eat) in my house, but we did not get the time, on Sunday thou we (sorry I) had a whole day free but there was not much in the house except for eggs and Maggi, Dhingrado being a vegetarian, i decided to treat him with homemade butter maggi special, so despite his almost missing out from tasting the delicacies i could prepare, destiny made sure he got lucky.

    Is this all?, Big deal

    My remarks would also have been the same, but theres more to come.Dhingrado could not get a ticket for his village on Sunday, he got it thru an agent for monday, the agent took 200 xtra bucks but did not fulfill his commintment for a reserved birth, and since Dhingrado's W/L status was in the late 100 something he decided he would go back the next day, and this time it was on a confirmed ticket from Pune that he decided to commence his journey on tuesday evening. Gutado meanwhhile out of all places had decided he would go back via Pune, and this happy go lucky guy who is not aversed to bunking classes, out of all possible permutations and combinations had booked a ticket from the same city on the same train, on the same date.

    A trip which had begun together is now about to end together, they might even get seats similar to the one in which they had come, Dhingrado for instance has a side upper birth, which was one of the two seats they had the last time, I havent got news from Gutado, but fate willing he might have the second seat exactly same as the other one they had.Now what do u call all this if not destiny?

    nice story arnado....completely fictious

    kaun hai bhai anonymous coment kyu post kar rahe ho ? is it Mr Verma??

    dhingrado's presence in mumbai left many questions unanswered...can we have a little less censoring plzzz?

    hehehe, even thou the story is fictitious, i wont take risks which might get me killed

    yes i am annonymous "mian aise sensible topic pe comment bhee lekhne ki himmat nahin juta paa raha thaa"

    buddhe, sensible, ya sensitive???

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