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    Monday, August 22, 2005 

    I love sundays

    I love Sundays, of course as the weekend nears the world takes a sigh of relief TGIF, but alas I don’t have that luxury coz for me Saturday is half day working, so the real weekend fun has to be delayed till Saturday evening. After the (compulsive) weekend blast comes Sunday. An entire day for ur self, to pamper ur self, without any tension of getting up early for work (or maybe not to get up at all). Leisurely go thru the newspaper for hours, reading every bit of (mis)information and all that is not useful, lazing around in the bed for hours together, listening to music (alas the TV and computer are still not here), let ur imagination run wild, think crap, write craper and publish the crapest for others to read. Do absolutely whatever you want, whenever u want to, with absolutely noone bossing around, on one at ur heels all the time, ready to bite ur arse if u falter.
    A week without a Saturday woulld do, but without a Sunday its unfathomable

    To quote calvin, "weekends arn't worthwhile unless you spend them doing something absolutely worthless"

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