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    Monday, August 22, 2005 

    chic click

    Its not only me who has got interested in blogging. (from what I perceive) Till recently the blog world was mapped be a select few, the spread was mostly thru the word of mouth (never underestimate its power as a strong marketing tool). But times are changing with people like me entering the arena the userbase is burgeoning.

    Let me come to the point thou, y this blog? (BTW heres an interesting piece of trivia did u know that blogs are acronyms for WEBLOGS)

    Well this Sunday HT carried out a full page on blogs/ blogging/ bloggers. What was of special interest thou is that the focal point was mostly Bridget Jones avtars. Apart from being interesting (full of write ups and links with sexual content, which I’ve compiled and put below for every1’s ease) it was also informative, my limited vocab got blessed with a new word, after chic lit, chic flick its not time for chic click. here are links to a few of the bold and beautiful (?) chic clicks and one by a mcp for all to enjoy



    Disclaimer: The author is in no way responsible for what is written or not written in these blogs, as he had not personally checked them. If u have the time, interest and the patience to go ahead and search the blogs for steamy details its entirely ur prerogative.

    the chick clicks or watever...firstly from what i read, no significant style and moreover, most are the hip-hop urban trendy richie rich kind whose lives do not quite correspond to ours...not much fun reading these blogs...

    Did u not read the Disclaimer, was just quoting the newspaper, did not have the time to go thru them, but there were some excerpts in the paper which raised hopes of much higher saucy standards

    As the author of thatonly.blogspot I can confirm that there are no steamy details in my blog.

    And to Suvro Definitely NOT the Richie Rich Kind whatever that kind maybe !

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