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    Saturday, August 27, 2005 

    Love-Hate relationship

    Well the list for both are long, but here wat comes to my mind immediately

    10 things I miss about kgp (final year)

    1. Wingies : for all the right and the wrong reasons
    2. Comp : even thou I sit in front of comp for the entire day in the office, but the movies, the serials, the comfort of my bed and games on LAN are all gone
    3. DC++ : of course when u talk abt Comp, u talk abt LAN, and LAN w/o DC++ ??? unimaginable
    4. Coffee shop : After classes or in between them or while they were going on
    5. Bhat : Wing body meetings, yagna sessions, futile discussions while in the emotional state varrying from smiling to very happy. after that u don’t remember anything...
    6. Cheddies @ nite, splly after the bike happened
    7. Harry’s after the long practice sessions
    8. Sleep : whenever, wherever…
    9. Poltu: ah the nites spend in RK, Azad, Lallu, and then ofcourse, VS, the ruthna and manana of SAM, BC Roy, the drilling in Tata sports, basky courts, and ofcourse the sleepless nites in DFE wondering if I would be successful
    10. Bhajans : "bhai bhajan ke saath puja karne mein jo suvidha thi who ab khin aur kahan"

    5 things I dont
    1. Some of the most forgetable ppl of my life
    2. The dirty politics that got into hall. (gymkhana mein sab chalta hai, hall mein baat jamti nahi yaar)
    3. The famous non males
    4. Attending classes
    5. Being tagged F***er, by u know who (not sure abt this one)

    cmon yaar being called a f***er wasn't that bad...and boy u just made stop me from taking the good kgp things too lightly and the bad seriously ....thanks

    abe problem to kissi mein bhi nahi tha, bus aapki behan ne dil tod diya ;)

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