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    Friday, September 02, 2005 

    Its women again

    Women have always been the most talked abt subject in any mans life. Right from puberty till death do us part (implication is male bonding, alas still no woman in my life L ) discussing females have been and will be the top most priority (thou not publicly acknowledged) of all men.

    Remember those days in the school when if u were made to sit beside a grl it was the biggest punishment, and how u later started to think u were such an idiot then? Remember how we used to classify and categorise, the beautiful non-males of our colleges, ranking them was a favourite ragging question? How t shirt with comments reading " 99.9% women are beautiful, the rest are in my college" sold like hot cakes? How we used to come up wid theories every 2nd day on how to go abt a particular "target" and why is it natural to find beautiful grls in a certain location and why grls there are generally beautiful… the topics were endless and so were the discussion. Well life has moved on, frnds have changed but discussions are still the same. Recently a discussion wid one of my colleagues (its amazing to find men from all over the country are the same pigs that we were in our college) enlightened me with a new kind of classification for women.People with such inventive thinking should be rewarded, and their work of art should not go unrecognised and unappreciated. Unfortunately I don’t see that coming for him, so with the little power of expression that I have on the net I would like to make sure that this theory stays alive and does not gets burried under the dunes of time.

    There are three broad categories in which u can classify the female Homo sapiens. Each categories can have several sub categories, depending entirely on the one who is classifying.
    1. You don’t like her in 1st sight, but gradually as u see her over and over again u start appreciating her charms, the way she dresses, her beautiful smile…
    2. She is out of bound. Too much out of your league. Two sub categories come to mind instantly,
    a. she’s a few notches over you class
    b. she’s a few notches below you class (difficult but not impossible)
    3. Her beauty dazzles you wen u 1st see her, but not for long, as the shine withers down, so does her appeal.

    Wat say makes sense doesn’t it? Of course "family (g/f) wale" or extreme romantics may have a difference in opinion (some one some where is made for u) but for me this works just fine

    Very interesting zxcv !!

    Let me categorise men for you:

    a)Hot, sexy, dumb,
    b)Hot, sexy, smart ( very rare and never single and even if they are quite intimidating)
    c)Average looking and Smart ( The most appealing kind)

    I could actually go on but hey this is your blog :)

    Dude...u should have told me u're gonna publish that shit.

    I would never have mentioned it.

    i didnt know i would publish it then, it was totally by chance ki aaj yeh dimag mein aa gaya

    U're full of surprises man...the first time we had a talk, I thought u were the stereotyped IIT ghissu, serious about everything u're involved in. When Chandra recognized you as his mama, I had a basketful of bloody notions in my kitty to nickname you 'Maamu'. The second time we had a chat, I'd gotta know your 'fun' side and man our interests match...and...I felt sorry for naming you mamu. (The IITR 'tradition' forbids me to take it back, so the nick persists)...and now this blog of yours, with some decent articles...u're goddamn one of us.
    Nice to meet you Mr. Arnav (can't help being 'colleague'ish formal.

    And yeah...for more of my creativity...checkout:

    The concept and storyline of 'The Nemesis' (it's actually a comic book) was given by me. The owner of the blog (now in his 6th year B.Tech, IITR) is the writer.

    nice write up!!!!!

    who is rat?

    ahh arnav prakash...capitalising on external creativity r u? learning tricks from me...he he...and earning comments from the famed "rat"? cholbe na dada cholbe na...nywayz stereotyping and classifying never does too much good, does it, apart from adding masala to our inane discussions? can't really apply the stuff to our real-life relationships, after all which type of woman are u gonna marry eventually...can u possibly know that from now?

    hey suvro... knowing arnav .. there are full chances that a casanova like him.. may end up marrying all three types(with subset variations)... jyada to nahi ho gaya naa bhailog..

    @ suvro
    abe dude even thou this was not entirely my idea but the pt is females were never out of our minds, were they?? and we ourselves have come out with more than one theory on them, kyu??
    waise all are gud as long as some one is there, koi bhi chalegi
    @ guta thanx dost tumne manobal ucha kar diya hai, serach jaari hai, jaisse hi koi milegi tumhe suchit kardunga

    abe i dont think ki mujh is topis pe comment bhee akrne ki zaroorat hai ..
    " life is ladki for me "
    ....abe koi ladki dila do !!!!

    buddhe agla blog bilkul tere liye hai
    sheershak hai, "mera no aayega", maine adha likh liya hai, lakin schedule thoda busy chal rela hai, iss liye fight ho gayi hai, but will post it asap

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