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    Thursday, September 15, 2005 


    Ever felt that the whole world is conspiring against u? Well I get that feeling quite often, mostly its in the BEST buses. The conspiracy begins as the day ends, after a long tiring day u get out of the office to realise that u’ve just missed the office bus and will have to struggle it out on the BEST buses. U resign to the fate and get to the bus stop to find that suddenly all the buses are going in the opposite direction, and even those that are coming are not the ones on your route. U start realising that its that kind of a day, wen come wat may u have to, u will be F***ed.

    After waiting for wat seems like ages u see it an overcrowded bus coming ur way, its the bus, the very bus u had been waiting for and u make ur self mentally prepared to somehow get into the overflowing bus. However the bus moves a lil ahead of its usual stop and those at the back suddenly become the ones in front. Not willing to let all those hrs of wait go to waste, u decide to get on the bus even thou more than half of the queue has decided otherwise and somehow u manage to do that, half ur body dangling outside but at least ur on. The bus moves slowly towards home sweet home, and u move slowly inside the bus. Then u look back and see another bus for the same place coming from behind and surprise surprise, this ones got lots of empty space. But u r too bloody packed to get to the exit before the next stop and even if by any chance u do get to the door, the other bus already over took u. Next u reach the highway to find that its jam packed and it might take u hrs to reach home, so u decide u want to take a train, u get down at some stop and decide to take another bus or auto, but as soon as u take the turn u find urself in the same sticky situation, similar traffic, similar jam. U’ve had too much and now there is just one option take the bulls by the horn, u start walking and after ages reach the station. But if u thought the tough part is over, think again. For a new comer getting into or out of the locals during rush hour can be a nightmare, but ur determination finally got u thru. But a conspiracy, if planned perfectly cant let u go so easily, just before ur home station the train stops, without any reason (they say there’s no signal, but u know better), or else y other trains zoomed past u while only that train was stopped?

    Finally the ordeal is over, it takes u almost 2 to 2 and a half hrs from office to home, the same 2 hrs would have taken u to Calcutta from Kgp, or to Jamshedpur, or a lil more than that and u’ve reached Ranchi form Jamshedpur.

    But slowly u come to terms wid life in Mumbai, u get to know the tricks of the trade, u start to understand how and wen to strategically let a bus go, u understand how to balance ur odds between the relatively less crowded buses and the always full locals. U also realise which local, from which platform u should let go if its more than x minutes delayed (the value of x is determined from x-perience). U know that the conspiracy is not against u but all "freshers". Welcome to Mumbai, but without ragging?? Forget it.

    well said.. once it took me 3.5 hrs to reach from home (cascade) to KPGI, Kalina.. that day i din even get a seat to sit eve though the bust starts at Borivli bus stand..

    but this has been the case with me every day.. no matter how much i pray at the start of the day..

    the worst was i took an auto at borivli station gate.. and to reach the next gate it costed me 13 bucks (both gates on East by the way).. usually it takes Rs 9 to reach our place...

    this mumbai traffic is bloody cosnpiring against me.. f**K alchemist .. its actually the opposite..

    really man ...i have heard about the Bombay nightmares but this account seriously makes me forget all my jeremiads against cal. But then there are other aspects of being in Bombay..so count on that n bear with the minuses which will soon appear trifle compared to the myriad pluses :)

    abe yeh sab mile huyee hain ... yahan delhi mein bhee jab mein ghar jaata hoon ...DTC is just another BEST ...and yeh doosre direction mein jaane wali buses ka to @#$#&# kabhee kabhee to lagta hai ki agar loc A jaana ho to ghar se B soch ke nikalana chahiye..

    @ monks
    Sahi bol raha hai baap, 2 3 baar mujhe bhi 2-30 3 ghnate wala xp ho chuka hai.
    tera station wala case yaad rakhuga, aage se hamesha dusre gate par aa kar auto lunga

    towards the end i said that, after the ragging phase is over u start njoying life, there is lots more to mumbai than just traffic jams

    sahi bol raha hai, baap abhi parso mere saath aisa hua, main station ke liye bus ka wait kar raha tha, opposite side ki jab 5 bus nikal gayi to maine decide kiya train se nahi jaunga aur bus pakad liya, finaly rather than going towards the station i went away from it

    well true ...but then sometimes when ur at the end and the bus stops ahead ...then what do u say??....:)

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    @ luke
    if the bus stops just in front of u, look on both sides for a fraction of a sec, and then dash for it, coz if u wont, someone else will
    "when in rome, do as the romans do"

    The King said...
    Didja' ever
    Didja' ever get
    Didja' ever get one
    Didja' ever get one of them
    Didja' ever get one of them days, boy
    Didja' ever get one of them days
    When nothin' is right from mornin' till night
    Didja' ever get one of them days
    Didja' ever get one of them days

    Wow...travelling in Mumbai seems nothin short of an adventure!! Hope u got to wherever u were goin in one piece!!

    a new friend every day in the form of commentor good work keep goin...
    is raste pe bhee traffic jyda hai...
    to thodi der lag sakti hai ..
    lekin lag raha hai teri manzil paas hi hai

    Kuch zyaada hi fart ki tune.

    I mean...borivili is not that far from Powai...is it?

    well 15 kms is far enough for me, and who told u to take it word by word the facts are correct but not everything will happen to u on the same day unless and until fate really conspires against u.
    BTW y annonymous?

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