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    Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

    Movie Masti Magic

    watched a couple of movies this weekend, dont have much time to think and write a new blog but have enough for time pass, so heres a short review for the benefit of those who havent seen them and might have plans for the same

    1 friday nite James -> typical hindi movie full of voilence and a hot grl who's more often than not wearing dresses that revealed more than they hid, i can sware they couldnt have been shorter. the trend of cost cutting has not left the movie industry untouched, the producer has done huge cost cutting in the dialogue dept, whenever there was any scope of a proper filmy dialoguedono characters ke voice mute ho jaate the, music tej hojata tha and kewal hoth hilte dikhte the. aur mar/action ka to aisa hai ki sunny deol ko bhi sharam aa jaye ki usne abhi tak itne movie banaye lakin kya hi kiya, apna hero to god hai literally, vishnu ka avtar hi samajh lo. so if ur interested in a modern day masala movie with lots of "sex and voilence" then nothing like it

    2. sunday nite Cindrella man -> iske bhi main protagonist ka naam James hai aur yeh bhi fighter hai (james roddicks (shayad) - boxer). the movie is based on a true story set during the great depression in america. rise of the phoneix type story, keeps u glued to ur seats till the end, BTW iss movie ko jahan dekh raha tha (fame, malad i.e inorbit) wahin par suman ranganathan bhi thi, normally to main movie ko chor usse hi dekhta but the movie was so gud that u wont feel like looking idhar udhar. + kal mayank (my ex co trainee in LnT) ke saath last time LnT ke co-employees ki tarah pub jaane ka bhi plan tha but did not regret missing that, pura fultu paissa wasool, atleast at par if not better than million dollar baby, definetly one of the best boxing movies ever made

    Moral of the story : if u have to c a movie and have to choose b/w the two then go for the latter

    abe we can also go for both ..
    btw ...practice kar an new career oppurtunity ...movie critic writer
    abe to yeh james nahin dekhu kya..

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    yeh jo bolta hai your blog was cool ..inhi logon ki vajah se word verification dalaa hai my dear ...

    aur haan ...next review salaam namste please...

    I'll review salaam namaste for you...spent fucking 150 bucks for a second row seat...so i reserve the right to comment...the movie is an attempt at hollywood style romantic comedy, but doesn't live up to it...the saving grace is the sleek presentation, preity zinta with lot less clothes than she usually wears, and of course, saif is his same ol' rocking self...slightly repititive style now, after KHNH and Hum Tum...the songs are not exceptional, but thankfully there are few of them...overall, to be watched at theatres only if you are with a big gang of friends, otherwise consider watching on the comp a much better option.
    Overall rating ***

    havent seen salam namaste anyway, heard its a bore, the best part was javed jaffri in his elements, arshad warsi kas been under utilised, also have heard of preety zinta in skirts shorter than ever b4, sex really sells man, even in a big budget film

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