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    Monday, October 03, 2005 

    A nite in J W Marriot

    Officially 1st October is my b’day, and boy did I celebrate it in style… My being a 5.5 day/week office, Saturday nite is the only time I can party, and that’s wat we did.
    Arnd 10 of us had gone to totos, the garage, its one of the best pubs in mumbai, and for me totos has become almost a regular affair. Just like every other time we did not get place to sit, I had 4 half bottles of beer when we left. Thou we did not go back home but decided to go to J.W. Marriot, the 5 star hotel in Juhu. Going there (to any 5 star for that matter) for the 1st time I did not know where the lobby was (where the others were). We went to the ground floor, while the guys were waiting on the 1st. Some company called Intelnet had thrown a party there and not realising it was a private party we went inside. A DJ was playing, ppl, (including lots of grls in dresses u usually see only on page 3 and movies, and think they cannot be for real) were on the dance floor, with disco lites talking full effect it looked perfect. When the waiters served us, we did not know how to react, so we simply picked up some of the triflings. Later we realised the situation, so without making much fuss, decided to catch up wid the others. After a little while wen others decided they have had enough and started to leave 3 of us (booming wid confidence at the ease of it) decided to gate crash into the party again.
    We had lots of fun we got bolder by the minute, came to the dance floor, fooled arnd a bit, asked a couple of grls for a dance, finally got an opportunity with 1 hot chick. After a while I realised that the booze too was on the house, I started wid a beer and moved on to White Rum (bacardi), the last I remember of the day is that I was dancing wid this grl and then every thing is a blur. I came to know that after the 5th peg I remember taking, I gulped down lots more, according to one of the guys "vo (me) sincerely pee raha tha".
    If by any chance I would have got the bill, my entire bank balance would have had to go. Fortunately nothing of that sort happened. We reached home by 5 in the morning, I was totally wasted and have no recollection of anything that happened after abt 1 30 – 2, fortunately did not do anything stupid with anyone there. 4 - 5 guys had to finally pull me out of the rickshaw and throw me on my bed, I have twisted my ankle a bit and there is a lil pain around the knee. This is the 1st time it has happened to me that I’ve got so drunk and I’m sure it’s the last, But the day was worth it, a day to remember (whatever lil I can recollect of it).

    This is the 1st time it has happened to me that I’ve got so drunk and I’m sure it’s the last
    dream on!!

    max masti kar rahe ho dost. keep it up. btw some of my friends of the fairer sex were there too in tht J W Marriot party (by invitation). hope u didnt crash into one of them :D

    @ annonymous
    its not as if i've just started to drink and i dont know my capacity. i've been there seen it all done it all, if i want to i can control all that i want

    @ dude, abe which naam clearly likha kar saale, waise is it vivek? jo bhi hai, sahi main masti to ho rahi hai, aur teri dost ka naam kya tha, kya pata hum mein se kissi ke saath uski bhi baat hui hogi...
    waise main to na bhi pehchanu to she might remember me, i dont think many other would be in the state i was

    dude...2 words

    i'm coming

    and earlier u were contemplating whether to go there or not.. dekha tere list se ek cheez ab gayi...

    waise ab tak koi phone wone nahi aaya bandi ka kya.. first of all u danced so much and even after that u dint take her no. .. doob mar !!

    par magar lekin .. tujhse i never exected this :D . tune ayush ke saare khwaisho me paani fer diya ...joking !!

    @ sandy
    literally kya
    @ monks
    abe i seriously dont know wat hit me, aise to chadhti hai and u know ki acha ab ho gaya, reaching Lt -> STOP, but yahan par to i'm there i'm there and suddenly, gone. BLANK. Pata nahi kissi ne kuch mila diya tha kya drink mein, maybe kissi bandi ne ;-)
    aur jahan tak rahi baat nachne ki to naach to raha tha yaar lakin very strange ki sab kuch gayab ho gaya hai MIB types, haan apne blank wale state mein pata nahi kitna nacha aur kya kya kiya, waise kuch ulta seedha kiya hota to dhake maar ke nikal hi diya gaya hota.
    Seriously aaj tak kabhi aisa nahi hua tha, pata nahi maybe the effect of empty stomach lots a beer and then the rum one after another, god knows wat, i can only make wild guesses. i remember very well talking to the bar tender giving him thumbs up wen he gave me the 5th peg and then i talk to this grl and WOOSSSHHHH

    aur ayush ke saath to kela hi ho gaya yaar, innings ke suruat mein hi aisa experience ho gaya ab aage to phat legi uski. sorry partner, main tujhe sambhal kar wapis laane wala tha aur kya ho gaya

    Sahi hai Arnav,
    sahi line pe chal raha hai.
    Keep going & create a base for us.
    In all my 5 yrs in chemical engg., I've learnt the CONSERVATION of everything. I think this rule is applicable for girls also.Conservation of girls.
    Hope this rule validates more for us as we r getting Masters.
    Keep rockin'

    yaa khuda yeh kaisa insaaf...
    iske pass sab kuchh..
    idhar maidan saaf...

    abe ab mera no kab aayega...

    just to make it 9

    abe dude maine to yeh posts padhe hi nahin the...two very contrasting posts, really!!! I've been having some drunk episodes lately, too...will update later!

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    aranv ..by when we can except the details of your DATE.....

    A very late bday wish...belated happy bday! cool party man! wish delhi had a nitelife like mumbai...!!

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    Arre I didn't knew it your B'day. Happy B'day!

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